Renegades and Rogue's Vset 2 set (contains spoilers for vset 2)

 Renegades and Rogue's is the seconed vset.

Old Republic

01.Admiral Saul Karath
Affinity (Malak, Revan in Sith squad)

02.Atton "Jaq" Rand
Cost 36
Hit Points 80
Def 18
Att 9
Dam 20
Unique, Pilot, Affinity Sith.
Assassin (+4 Attack and +10 Damage against Living enemies)
Avoid Defeat,
Double Attack, Greater Mobile Attack, Override.

Force Powers
Force 3
Jedi Mind Trick

06.Master Kavar
07. Master Thon (confirmed on SHNN show)

08..Darth Traya
Cost 36
Hit Points 90
Def 20
Att 11
Dam 20
Special Abilities
Unique, Melee Attack, Tripple Attack.
Shii Cho Style, Makashi Style, Teleinetic Combat,
Force Powers
Force 4, Lightsaber Deflect, Sith Hunger.

09.Darth zannah (confirmed on SHNN show)

10.Gloom Walker
cost 16
Hit Points 50
Def 16
Att 9
Dam 20
Trooper, Grenades 20, Stealth

11.Leviathan (huge character) (Confirmed on SHNN show)

14.Mace Windu, Legacy of the Light Side 14/60
cost 65

HP 150
DEF 22
ATT 16
DMG 20

Unique, Melee, GMA Triple, Flurry
Vaapad-Style Mastery (criticals on 17+ for triple damage) Scared

FP 2, Renewal 2, MotF 2
Force Absorb
LS Reflect (10)
LS Riposte

15.Republic Commando Darman
16.Republic Commando Niner
18.Wookie Jedi

19. A-series Assassin Droid

23.Joh "Dutch" Vander
25.Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Armor

26. Red Squadron Ace
cost 19
Hit Points 50
Def 16
Att 7
Dam 10
Special Abilities
Pilot, Bravdo +20, Squad Assault, Twin Attack

27.Alpha Squadron Pilot (Thanks Bill)

28.Darth Vader, Agent of Evil
Cost 65
Hit Points 140
Def 21
Att 14
Dam 20
Special Abilities
Unique, Melee Attack, Double Attack
Immediate Imperial Reserves 20 (if you roll exactly 2 ,7, 12, 17 for iniiative, you can add up to 20 points of imperial trooper characters to your squad. adjacent to this character, immediately before your first activation this round)
Force Powers
Force 2, Force Renewal 1, Master of the Force 2
Lightsaber Defense (Force 1; When hit by an attack, this character takes no Damage with a save of 11)
Lightsaber Ripaste (Force 1; When hit by a melee attack, this character can make an immediate attack against that attacker)
Lightsaber Sweep (Force 2; replaces attacks; Can attack each adjacent enemy once)
Sith Rage 2 (Force 2 +20 Damage on all attacks this round)
Commander Effect
Followers within 6 squares whose name contains Sandtrooper, Snowtrooper or Stormtrooper gain Careful Shot +6 (+6 attack this turn if it doesn’t move) and Double Attack

29.General Rohm Mohc

30.General Wair
Cost 28
Hit Points 70
Def 19
Att 10
Dam 10
Unique, Pilot, Twin Attack, Doctrine of Fear
Oppertunist +20, Stealth

32.Stormtrooper Advance Scout

New Republic
38.Tycho Celchu (confirmed on SHNN show, Thanks Bill)
Cost 29
Hit Points 80
Def 18
Att 10
Dam 20
Special Abilities
Unique, Pilot, Double Attack. Stealth, Door Gimmick, Synergy +4 (for Leia within 6 squares)
Protective +20 (for character whose name contains Leia or Solo)
Leia's Decoy (Whenever an ally within 6 squares whose name contains Leia is targeted, this character may swap positions with that character


41.celeste morne (confirmed on SHNN)
45. Klatooinian Captain
47.Sullustan Pilot

48.Thracken Sal-Solo
Cost 15
Hit Points 60
Def 15
Att 6
Dam 10
Special Abilities
Unique, Double Attack, Solo Hunter, Yuuzhan Vong Collaborator.
Commander Effects
Peace Brigade followers gain +2 attack and +2 Defence

49.Wookiee Thug
50.Zann Consortium Underboss

51. Bardan Jusik

Cost 36
Hit Points 80
def 17
Att 10
Dam 10

Special Abilities
Unique, Melee Attack, Double Attack
Affinity Republic
Omega Squad
Sachel  Charge

Force Powers
Force 2, Renewal 1
Force Heal 2
Force Sense
Jedi Mind Trick 2.(New Power)

54.Mandalorian Snipper
Cost 15
Hit Points 40
Def 15
Att 7
Dam 10
Special Abilities
Snipper, Accurate Shot, Deadeye, Old Republic Hunter.

Yuuzhan Vong
56. Jakan, Most High Priest
Cost 27
HP 60
Def 16
Att +5
Dmg 10

SA: Unique, Melee Attack, Force Immunity, Scarification, Tactician +4

CE: Once per round, when an allied Yuuzhan Vong character is defeated, one ally can immediately move up to it's speed. This does not count as activating the character.

59.Yuuzhan Vong Firebreather
60. Yuuzhan Vong Slayer (confirmed on SHNN show)

Is this some official game?? i see it is set up in the yu gi oh card game format(thats interesting).  More info please.
Sorry no, the card used was really just to show who that character was, as most did not know the character. The Vset are cards made by the fan community ( Not in the format of the card showen in post 1) at SWGamers. As for been offical well they can be used in offical tornament games such as at Gencon as DCI games are run by Dean who runs SWGamers.

The first Vset cards can be downloaded free at SWGamers. Worth looking at even if you decide after not to use them.
Post 1 Updated
updated with the first full stats for a character. 56. Jakan, Most High Priest
 45. Klatooinian Captain
updated Old Republic & Rebel

08.Darth Traya (full Stats up)
39.Winter (full Stats up)
48.Thracken Sal-Solo (full stats up)
54.Mandalorian Sniper (full Stats up)
59.Yuuzhan Vong Firebreather set number up

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