02/28/2011 Feature: "The Magic Cruise 3"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Feature Article, which goes live Monday morning on magicthegathering.com.
Sounds wonderful.  I can't wait to see what event Wizards books over it next year.

If you're on MTGO check out the Free Events via PDCMagic and Gatherling.

Other games you should try:
DC Universe Online - action-based MMO.  Free to play.  Surprisingly well-designed combat and classes.

Planetside 2 - Free to play MMO-meets-FPS and the first shooter I've liked in ages.
Simunomics - Free-to-play economy simulation game.

...I want to go to there.
It was very fun and I would strongly recommend it. However I'm a bit surprised that there's no actual event coverage, or coverage of anyone who isn't Bill Stark. It's his job to  promote himself, I get it, Just would like to see some of the other guys get some play. There was philosopher Rob, Sam Constintne The Great, "who somehow at 14 got his mom to bring him on the magic cruise." And  the boys from Denmark, good men, all of them! I guess Bill was off doing his own thing most of the time, but hey, it's his vacation too. Kevin Nagle did spend a lot of time in the trenches with us, and he was very friendly, even putting up with me asking for 3 manna L.D. to come back to the game.
@Steven- a good chunk of the article was edited out due to size.
Kissing sting rays? The last time I was on a cruise, I got stung by a jellyfish!
The stingrays, I assure you, are much more pleasant.
The stingrays, I assure you, are much more pleasant.

I concur. I went to Stingray City when I was little - maybe 8? Had a great time until I stepped on some squid and was bit by a stingray trying to eat it. Even then they don't have teeth, just boney lips, so wasn't that bad (well, my 8-year old self thought it was).

I'm jealous of you guys getting to go, and all in the name of Magic, haha!

One of these days...

...I want to go to there.

Among my favorite 30 Rock quotes!! Thank you for that.
The stingrays, I assure you, are much more pleasant.

I concur!  I've heard stories of people who tried kissing Magic players once.  Not pleasant.
"We will all be purified in Wurm. What is good will be used to heal Wurm, or grow Wurm, or to fuel Wurm's path. What is vile will be extruded, and we will be free of it forever." --Prophet of the Cult of Wurm
Bill, thanks for posting this article! Sounds like a great idea and a fun experience. My wife and I were in Grand Cayman for our honeymoon and also met the stingrays! However, she and I left our magic decks at home. A return trip with our best cards as carry-on sounds like a great anniversary idea. Hope Wizards keeps this as an annual event!

P.S. Warning: do not attempt to play with Stingrays that are not local to the Caymans. These guys have been tamed from decades of repeated interaction from wave after wave of tourists. Try this elsewhere and you'll be hanging out with Steve Irwin.
@MengesKhan: The cruise is actually put on by Legion Events (www.legionevents.com). Rumors so far have hinted that next year the cruise will be leaving from Seattle headed towards Alaska; the first stop is in the birthplace of Magic itself!