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Pardon me if this is not the right forum for such questions but does it still exist? I'm trying to find information about LFR in Brazil since 2 weeks ago and I already feel like hunting some secret organization. I've searched docs, mailed the organizators (no response so far), searched the wizards event calendar and nothing. There is a community group here on Wizards but it doesn't have a forum so I'm posting here.

Hello? Is there someone alive? How can I join you? If its dead, are there some brave brazilian souls able to help me rebuilding it? 
There is a very active community forum for LFR; this, however, isn't it.  This is an older forum, a bit of a leftover from the time before WotC created the "Wizards Community" set-up.  As a result, this forum here sees very little traffic now.

The LFR Community group is here:

Specifically, the forums for that group are here:

Note that you'll likely need to apply for membership to this group, but that is merely a formality.

I hope this helps.
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