Bad trader possibly managing the good trades list

I'm having a trade problem with Kaxel_Vofer.
 I ran into him on the actual Wizards community tradehouse.  Believe it or not, he runs the good trader list here so I'm now under the belief that his trade history is questionable.  I bumped into a forum talking about his trade practices when I did a search to see if he was ripping anyone else off.  There are four separate people complaining here about him not covering his end and breaking off communication.

I'm of a mind that this is now treading closer to postal fraud, due to the amount of people he has pulled this on, than it is simple poor trading practices.  If it were a mistake, I believe the response would be courteous and display a willingness to work things out.  That is not the case.  His response clearly states he will not send the miniatures and displays absolutely no suprise at all his miniatures never arrived.  It is reasonable to assume this is because he knows he never sent them.

Here's our conversation thus far.

 No I can't send you your mini, sorry about this, but I delete all my messages, and I don't have your adress, I try to contact you before, I think until now you recive one of this, please send me again your adress, greettings.

I sent out my part of the trade moths ago and still have the receipt confirming shipment, however; I never recieved roan fel or Darth Bane to cover your end of the trade

cool, here's mine
(Address omitted)

(address omitted)

Agreed.  I'll send first.  Where should I send the trade to?

Ok, what about this, my Darth Bane and Emperor Roan Fel, for your felucian Warrior on Rancor, Maris Brood, Huge Crab Droid and Knobby White Spider, agree???, greettings.
I had a good trade with him a few months ago. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and blame some of the issues on the Mexican postal service rather than on him. But who knows ...

As for the GTL: Darth Ted's is still the "official" one, but because he hasn't updated it in months, Kaxel has apparently taken it upon himself to make a duplicate list and update it from when Darth Ted stopped.
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  I've had someone forget to send mini's before, or, they accidentaly sent them to the wrong trader while handling multiple deals. I understand stuff happens.  I always contact the person directly and ask if there was a problem.  Kaxel_Vofer, however; gave me no other option in resolving this matter besides putting him on blast when he told me outright to get bent.  As for the postal system, it occurs to me the postal system never fails to deliver his items.  It only seems to fail when he sends his end.  I call BS.

  When a person trades, they are offering a thing in exchange for another thing.  He didn't get my mini's for free.  In this case, he elected that the thing I collect in exchange will be his credability as opposed to the agreed apon plastic toys.  While it's sad that's necessary, it's our obligation as a community of gamers to pass information like this on.  I'm 32 years old and can handle a loss.  A twelve year old kid can't afford meeting scumbags quite so easily.  Our obligation in this community is to protect them expunging trash like this.

  On the lighter side....I'm watching Charlie the Unicorn again and that always picks me up lol.
From what I have seen, I'm not quite willing to call fraud on him. He does appear to be a very difficult trader to trade with, who doesn't seem to be willing to compromise on things that the other trader has no control over or take responsibility for his mistakes. I wouldn't say he is trying to steal minis, but his trading habits leave a lot to be desired.

I think as it has been said on bloomilk, do not use the postal system when trading with Mexico, as their system is not the most reliable.
I appreciate yours and pukunu's posts.   It's always good to have cooler heads state their opinions.  The main reason I'm doing this is because, as demonstrated in the other forum ( I fixed the link btw), people continued to be ripped off while others offered excuses for him.  He didn't stop until multiple people he ripped off spoke up and showed it wasn't an isolated incident.  As you can see by the dates in the above link, he immediately came back here to wizards and ripped me off straight away.  I see he has decent trade references here, however;  it's a hell of a bad trade streak he's on considering he claims the same postal system brought him 40 positive trades consecutively.  Perhapse he used to be straight up.  Clearly he's decided no longer to be.
Who knows, perhaps this will serve as a wake up call to him that further conduct such as this will result in nobody choosing to trade with him.  if anyone wants to bet their own minis on his good intentions they're welcome to it. 
Well i posted this on Bloomilk already, but i thought that people still using these boards need the info as well:

I've also tried trading with Kaxel Vofer once and ended up very disappointed. I was trading my Aurra Sing and a couple of Dark Side Adepts for his Blizzard Scout 1 and Nomi Sunrider. I was new on the boards so i had to send first because of my lack of references.
When he finally got the minis, he complained about the Dark Side Adept stat cards that he claimed were 'decolorated'. Yeah right, i pulled those from boosters myself and take good care of my things so i knew that wasn't true. But as i was new to the online trading at the time and didn't want to look bad, i contacted Hothie who ran the orphans thread at that time. He was very helpful and agreed to send some spare cards to Mexico if i just paid for shipping. With that done, i hoped to get this trade completed soon.
Some time later he messaged me and said that he got the cards, and just when i thought that it would all turn out fine he totally stopped communicating. He was bad enough communicating as it was already but now it just stopped completely. I mailed him again and again, and finally after two weeks he replied that he was going on vacation and would ship after that. What?! He had a whole two weeks to do this.
At this point, i was quite worried that i would never see the minis. Well, i never did! And i never heard from him again either, despite mailing him many times. But i couldn't prove that he never sent them, so i didn't report it at the time. I should have, and saved others from a lot of trouble.
Biggsy, with what head you write this, I send you your minis, even the crap that you send me, and like all my reputation tells I always be a good trader, so if Gregoryf have something, try to contact me, not made a mess here.
If you have a problem with me, send me a PM. I'm a big boy and i can take it. But i never sent you any 'crap' and you know it. Ask anyone who has traded with me, all i send out is in good condition. But hey, at least you got your 'crap', i didn't get anything in return.

The fact that many people have had bad trading experiences with you, shows that you're not 'always a good trader' and i really don't understand how your reputation has withstood all this. I'm just posting my own experience so that people can judge for themselves if they want to initiate trades with you or not.

I HAVE been going directly to you.  You keep making random excuses or not responding at all.  You're obviously someone who is comfortable not honoring a trade until someone blasts you publicly.  If I thought for one second you would show some character and complete this trade between the two of us, I would continue trying that.  You just sent me an email last night saying my address wasn't complete because I didn't tell you it was in the USA.   Seriously?  Where is Tacoma Washington?  That isn't a difficult thing to google.  It's just more BS from you or you wouldn't have asked me last night when I sent my address AGAIN weeks ago.  Kaxel, talking to you in this forum is the only way I MAY ever get you to quit stalling me.

Here's the part of your email last night that really amazes me. 

"What going with you, I have a lot of things to do, i can't check yours Message, and you post all that"

You have a lot to do?  Dude, it has been months.   We're past address questions or you being busy.  If you sent first and I just kept your minis, would it be acceptable for me to say I was busy MONTHS later?  Or to ask what country you were in after the address had been exchanged three times?  You would be PISSED. 

You've told me you'll send out my minis "tomorrow" twice. 

When you say "I sent them",  then say "I'll send tomorrow", and later say "I'll send it when you tell me what country",  that isn't a postal mistake or being busy.  That's called lying. 

Fix this kaxel.  I'm not going to be satisfied with another excuse.  You have everything you need from me to complete this.  Don't ask me to take any of this down when you admit I still don't have my end of the trade. 

People here, and in Bloomilk, are starting to refuse to send items to Mexico.  Not because of the postal system but because of you.  You are ruining this game for other people who trade honorably and that is shameful.  A lot of these people are kids man.  What is wrong with you?
Alas, I have found the problem.

The user name for the guy listed as having 40+ good trades is Kaxel Vofer, not Kaxel_Vofer.  No underscore _

He hijacked his name.  I went through every entry on this GTL and the prior one in the original tradehouse.  He either isn't the same guy, or; is the same guy with one user name to trade and a seperate one for when he intends to rip people off. That explains why he went from a +40 to a streak of ripoffs.

Nobody trade with this guy. He's scamming people to send first under the pretense he is someone else. I assume he'll hijack another name when this one is banned.  if anyone has any doubts, email me and I'll tell you if he's using the same address or one close by.
And this is an example of Kaxel_Vofer building bs trade history on another site

notice there is a wants list but no haves?

also do you notice he somehow has six references from others in mexico yet the page clearly states he has completed ZERO trades through the tracked trade system?  I use this site heavily and you use the tracked trade system for ALL trades.  You can,however; leave a reference after sending at least one email back and forth with another user.

Hmmmm.  oh....Possibly his references were all from himself sending a few messages to other accounts he created so that others will HAVE to send first. 

I'm seeing a pattern here.
Ohh, what a pity that have persons like you a biggsy.
Thanks for bringing this up, Gregory. I so enjoy seeing rats like this dragged out into the light. Cool

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That was some fine detective work!

The user name for the guy listed as having 40+ good trades is Kaxel Vofer, not Kaxel_Vofer.  No underscore _

Are you aware that it's not possible to have a space in a user name on this site? It's more likely that Darth Ted left the underscore out of Kaxel's username in the GTL. I'm not defending the guy. Just pointing out a possible flaw in your logic.

"Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment."

~ Benjamin Franklin

And yet he has cloned three users which all claim credit for the same trade references

is there a thread where you list bad traders reg and mtgo?
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Sadly the lack of maintenance and risk of bad traders like this moving in to take advantage is why I have shifted all my trading to bloomilk, while I prefer this website, bloomilk is at least actively managed as far as trading references and positive/negative feedback and at this time also seems to have more traffic.
As an FYI to members here:

Kaxel Vofer is on Bloomilk's BTL for multiple scamming violations.

He has been banned from Bloomilk, along with multiple accounts, at least one of which he "traded" with and posted a reference to himself from.

Bloomilk Moderator (and Trade forum manager)
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