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Hi. I have the Legion of Gold book, and it seems that they didn't include the lunar ostriches in there, though they were referenced in the mount rules section I believe. I'm new to Gamma World as a setting, but I have a couple of questions. Do they have lunar ostriches in previous editions? If so, what are they like? And, more to the point, would someone ( I know there are people who do reall ygood producing additional material here ) be willing to make a lunar ostrich writeup? Thanks.

P.S. They did include a new mount in the Legion of Gold book, despite previous reports. It's a "modo," apparently a riding mount sized komodo dragon.
I'd recommend reskinning an erdlu (from Dark Sun) as a large beast.  Seems to fit the bill pretty well.
They also mention Warbots a few times in the rulebook... but there are no stats for it.
Why did the hoop cross the road?
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