Program for In-Game status?

just wondering if anyone with computer skills has thought about an in-game program for tracking stats, turns, activations and so on? i was thinking about this the other day, rather than searching through cards and keeping track of Hp, FP and activations by using beads or coins or turning or fliping cards, maybe you could use a computer program that displayed cards and allowed you to track on screen. maybe the program could be compatable with or part of minimanager and allow you to load premade squads right out of it.

that way we can keep fragile cards from getting destroyed as well.

then all we need is a program that can load starwars maps onto an LED tv laying on its back, then we dont even need to worry about maps getting damaged.Smile


am i a genius or just crazy?

GENIUS - 2 Whoo hoo

I think something like this would probably work well on some kind of touch screen device (iPad, iPod Touch, etc) where you could flip through the cards and quickly enter the change in HP, FP, etc.

With the rise of the tablets, a virtual game played between 2 people with miniatures (aka icons) on the map moved by touch would have seemed a perfect fit, but maybe some other publisher ...
At last we will have our revenge.
The multi-touch consoles would be perfect for something like this if they didn't cost more than $10,000 each. lol

But a touch app would be pretty cool with the squad cards and a way to track damage.  It would be nice to have the opponent's cards in the app as well so you don't have to keep asking to see those pieces you don't know by heart.  I'm sure it would be abused in a tourney scene with some cheaters, but great for casual play.

I vote you are a genius.
That D&D touch screen is insane!

But i like the card idea. It would be great to be able to keep track of your squad on your pad/phone. Someone go make an app like that for smartphones right away Tongue out

Well... lets break it down.

Crazy, due to prohibitive cost. So thats 1 count of crazy.
Crazy, due to the length of time programming and testing the thing might take. So thats another count of crazy. Laughing

Genius, because of how innovative the idea is. 1 count genius
Genius, because of time & space saving things (think of all the time spent furling and unfurling maps, and keeping track of pesky stats)
Genius, for adding a dimension of fairplay to the game (cant have as many 'how the heck did that happen?' situations)

So, if you cancel them out, you'd be a +1 genius Laughing

I think that anything that can assist in making the gameplay the sole focus could only be a great thing.

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