Djem So against a Lightsaber Riposte, or vice versa?

Subject pretty much says it all; the only thing holding me back is the glossary definition of both.

Lightsaber Riposte: (Force; 1 Force point) When a character using this Force power is hit by a melee attack, it can make an immediate attack against that attacker. You must decide to use this power immediately after the attack hits.

Djem So Style: Whenever this character is hit by a melee attack, it makes a save of 11. On a success, it can make an immediate attack against that attacker. If this character also has Lightsaber Riposte or another ability that lets the character make an immediate attack against the attacker, the decision to use those abilities must be made before resolving the save for Djem So Style.

For instance, if I base a force user who has lightsaber riposte with my Darth Vader, SotJ, and attack successfully, followed by the enemy's lightsaber riposte, can I then "counter his counter" with Djem So Style?  To add insult to injury, if the aforementioned is true then I could follow up with my own Lightsaber Riposte, correct?

Since both definitions say "melee attack", I assume it means a standard attack, not an attack generated by an ability.  If I've made this way too complicated... well that's usually the story of my life. XD  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
A Melee Attack is any attack made by a character with the Melee Attack Special ability. (There are a few exceptions, but those are covered in the FAQ).

Yes, you can use Djem So/Riposte against Melee Attacks generated with Djem So/Riposte. The Resolving Effects section of the FAQ will also help you out with the timing.
Thanks a lot!
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