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I noticed that there was only one solo quest in the adventure book
That makes me a sad panda.

Adventure Impossible from Castle Ravenloft allowed a solo player to fight against big monsters like the Flesh Golem, Zombie Dragon, hallowing Hag, etc... Wrath of Ashardalon lacks a solo quest that allows a single player to fight a Rage Drake, Gauth, Otyugh, etc...

The box states 1-5 players, so having more than one solo quest would make sense.

Why is there only one solo quest?
I was disappointed by the lack of more than one solo adventure, too. However, I'm glad they didn't waste a page with another adventure in the "Impossible" style of Castle Ravenloft.

If you'd like to play all the new heroes and go against the new villains, just play the aforementioned scenario within the Wrath of Ashardalon game (all the tiles, monsters, heroes, villains etc...). Should work! I might actually try it. Thanks for the idea.
I will try to use the Adventure Impoosible with Wrath of Ashardalon. A tweak here, a tweak there should do the trick. You didn't like Adventure Impossible?
Oh, I really liked the adventure. Great way to try out all the heroes! The "waste of space" comment was meant in a way that the adventure already existed in the previous game and I much preferred to have a "fresh" adventure as opposed to essentially the same as in Castle Ravenloft (with different heroes and villains).
Just a suggestion - try playing any of the other adventures solo (even though they say 2 - 5 players). I've been doing that and having a great time. Having less players also naturally reduces the difficulty of the adventure, due to less monsters appearing and less encounter cards being drawn each round. If it still seems too hard, give yourself an extra healing surge token or two, or give yourself one to two thousand gold to spend, draw the top three treasure cards, and give yourself the option to purchase one or more of them before beginning your adventure.

Best of luck!
Or just play two or more heroes yourself.

That works fine for me.
Makes sense! I've always had an aversion to controlling multiple characters for some reason - don't let my bias limit your possibilities!
Adventure Book, p. 2

"You can play any of the adventures as a solo experience.  You can either run all of the Heroes, or you can play a single Hero for the ultimate challenge."
If your position is that the official rules don't matter, or that house rules can fix everything, please don't bother posting in forums about the official rules. To do so is a waste of everyone's time.
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