02/15/2011 LI: "Enough is Enough"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Limited Information, which goes live Tuesday morning on magicthegathering.com.

Steve didn't post his results, i'd like to know how the draft decks fared after all that.
"but when I instead have to take Plague Stingers or even lowly Contagious Nims over solid cards like Instill Infection—then things can get bad pretty fast if I don't end up with enough infectors to reliably poison my opponents to death."

Plague Stingers is one of the best infect commons out there (at least in SOM). I have to wonder what the number of infect cards Steve considers necessary to actively try for an infect deck.

I've found that the common conception that infect is bad unless you have a majority of infect is wrong. A good mix of infect and non-infect (especially if you can get Cystbearer as it is one of the best 3 drops in SOM) is powerful. Tainted Strike becomes better, opponents are never totally sure on how to block, you don't feel pushed to take subpar infect cards (i.e. Vector Asp), and you have a better chance against other infect decks. While a strong mono-infect deck (from being the only infect drafter at a table) is great, from my experience it is also unlikely.

Based on how infect was cut from the right you could assume to get at least 4 (maybe more) in pack 2. Then 2 more in pack 3 would give you about 8. While this may seem not optimal, it is enough to give you a strong start if they are all low cc and could go all the way with enough support cards.
Amazing!  Necrogen Spellbomb in BSS?  How lucky!