Vader and the Fist

Very sweet looking. I like the black R2 also!
Nice work there on the legion!

Vader looks terrifying with the completed paintjob! Laughing

Stupendous job on all accounts. They look ready-built for some sort of diorama.
Very nice paint job as always! That's one sweet looking mini by the way, might have to invest in some of them Knight Models after all
Thanks guys! :D
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Great work, as usual.
Very Very nice!!!

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Thanks Potato!
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Any ideas an where to get this Vader now that Knight Models no longer produces them?
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-In loving memory of all the Squirrel Jedi hunted down during the Dark Times.
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Should be able to find him around still.  He wasn't too hard to find.  Ebay, or many others should have him.  Some of the models are much scarcer than others, like the Stormtroopers or god help you if you want to find the Sandtroopers.
Revamp for the sake of revamp? That always works out well.
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