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so i was thinking, what if somebody with sorcerous blood were to attend a wizard school?  he'd be at the top of his class all the way through and think he was super awesome, right?  i mean he'd basically be a lot like harry potter, somebody who has a natural talent that sets him above his peers, at least in the arcane arts.  so, my new character is a hybrid sorcerer/wizard who thinks he's just a really awesome wizard.  any ideas on where to go with this?  how will he react if he ever finds out that he's actually part sorcerer?
Interesting concept. Though I think if he did attend a wizard academy, one of the teachers would have pointed out to him that he had sorcererous abilities. Though you could just explain that away that the sorcerous powers don't really fully develop until he had left the academy, i.e. level 1 PC. If the PC still isn't aware his sorcerors' abilities during the campaign, you could re-flavour his sorcerous powers. Maybe he thinks he's casting one of his wizards spells but somehow he lets go a sorcerer's power instead. He might blame it on his wand being faulty or just shrugs it off as "one of those things". For example, here's a reflavoured Chaos Bolt:

Chaos Missle - You point your finger ready to release the blue bolt of a magic missle but instead a bolt of many-colored light leaps out instead!

To follow the Potter train of thought, perhaps you could give him a Malfoy-esque nemesis. This guy always came in second place to your character at school even though he believes he's the best. If he should find out of the character's sorcerous blood, he'd immediately assume that your character knew all along and was cheating the whole time. In his mind, it would make perfect sense as only somebody who cheated could surpass his achievements. He'd make it his life's mission to bringing you down for stealing his glory and limelight.

Should your character ever find out of his sorcerous blood, he could either just accept it and develop it further, or not embrace it and try to hide it from shame or self-recrimination. He could feel he didn't really earn the accolades in the academy. Maybe he tries extra hard to be studious, thrusting himself into more arcane studies. Maybe you could have him approach any arcane problem/situation by having him want to research scrolls or tomes rather than trust his own innate abilities. If you really want to push this angle you could suggest to the DM that anytime he'd roll an arcana check, he replaces that with a history roll instead. Though I probably don't suggest doing this if there isn't any other arcana-trained party member with you. Also he'd want to collect many rituals to reflect his over-compensation.
My character is exactly this.

I play him as a CG guy who has a thing with authority.

You see, back in "wizard school", all the teachers used to tell him that he's brilliant and naturally gifted Wink ), but lazy (yes, that's what used to happen to me in school)... and so he doesn't manage to obtain anything more than the other students (he ends up becoming a lvl 1 PC). What's ironic is that technically he's not smarter than the average student... (you know, the regular Wizards).
It helped me greatly in defining his personality and deciding how he reacts to situations.
There's this level 4 Hybrid Wizard/Sorceress that had enjoyed success thru Shadowfell, Eberron and  the Dungeon Delve encounters so far.

Signature tactics:
After igniting a Blinding Bomb in the vicinity of multple targets she like to give this command to her team, " Now, let's dance all around them!" (Student of Artifice/Multi-class Artificier Feat)

After repulsing away a would-be melee challenge with her repulsion armor she known to say to the team member she covering, "I wonder what he wanted" (the team use an effective Double range-shooter formation when approaching combatants out-numbering them and also great for trimming down the minnions)

My experienc with the Hybrid Wizard/Sorceress, I found they are when properly equipped excellent leaders, controllers and with certain builds or powers a difference as a striker. 

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I am about to create this game and spent countless hours reading the 3 plyer guides (will read Monster and DM guides later) and hours on my characer sheet. I was set on wizard but wanted a more striker oriented character.. so I thought of multiclassing.

What are the drawbacks of multiclassing? How would I make a sorcerer/wizard multiclass? I have just finished filling out my Human Wizard Character sheet. but am thinking of switching to Wizard/Sorcerer multiclass. Help me!

I would want to have the features of wizard (spellbook, cantrips, ritual casting feat and implement) but with some heavy damage sorcerer powers.