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Hi all,

Does anyone know when it will be possible to purchase D&D ebooks in the UK? It is a bit misleading on the front page to say ebooks are available now without specifying the fact it is only in the US

I bought a Kindle around Christmas and the first thing I went to do was buy the Dark Elf Trilogy and found out I can't get it in the UK. Sent Kindle back in disgust but would buy one again straight away if they were released.

Hope someone knows if they plan to release in UK soon?

Thanks in advance,

I'd love to know this as well, recently post from customer service told me its something to do with the technical issues of tying up contracts, payments and all that rubbish.  But if there is a will there is a way.  Such a shame that this, as yet untapped market, where Wizards could easily sell many of their old out of print stuff as well, remains untapped still.

Hi all,

Well it is two years on and it is great news today that audiobooks of D&D classics are now available in the UK.

Any chance of some eBooks..?

Pretty Please

Yours hopefully,

This was something I wanted for a while and not sure what format you're after or which books but most of the novels are now available for Kindle in the UK.

The D&D Classics section of DrivethruRPG also has a lot of rulebooks and setting books (classic to 4E) also available in the UK.

Hope this helps.Smile 
Ah, Thanks!

I thought I had checked the Dark Elf Trilogy a few weeks ago but I can confirm it is now in kindle format, though not the top of the search list where it should be

Thanks for the reply, need to start searching through the books