02/11/2010 LD: "The Heroes Who Cried Battle"

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He makes it sounds relatively infrequent, but I'm still stunned that they just handed a note to development telling them to design several cards from the ground up.
Probably Design noticed that battle cry was a bit strange, and they obviously didn't know how powerful it was or should be. Telling development to design the cards (remember there are only 7) was easier than trying numbers development would have had to playtest and correct.
Or it could be like the article says and the mechanic was added to the set after it was already in the development phase.
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The same story happens with a lot of cards: playtesting shows they are overpowered then they got nerfed. I'm sure Ornithopter and Memnite were involved in all those overpowered decks, which shows again why they shouldn't have been printed and put in the same format: any cards that has potentially sinergy with them has to become unplayable with anything else.
If Limited gets in the way of printing good Constructed cards... Screw limited