Ashes of Athas & LFR Gaming at Comicpalooza 2011 - Houston, TX - May 27th - 29th

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My dear Gaming friends,




Thanks to the generous and wonderful global Admins, under Baldman Games, and our own special guest (one of those admins) Mr. Chris Sims, Comicpalooza 2011 was granted the right to offer the con-exclusive, rare Ashes of Athas Living Dark Sun campaign! 

We will be hosting Mr. Chris Perkins of Wizards of the Coast, to offer playtests, previews, and all kinds of D&D goodness.  We will have open play, demo play, and also a strong LFR RPGA schedule, developing every day.  Will we offer the 2011 Battle Interactive.  We are mustering DMs and players now!


Also joining us will be Mr. Hyrum Savage, the director of events for Paizo, and Mr. Stephen Radney-McFarland, a game designer and superstar writer who recently joined the team at Paizo, but who also writes for DDI and has worked with Wizards as well.  The Pathfinder Society will muster in force, and bring brand new modules, con-specials, and also previews and playtest materials.


This will be THE place to game in the Southwest for 2011...maybe anywhere in the USA!


Author and freelance game writer Ari Marmell rounds out our current guests for Gaming.


Please, gather your gaming friends and come tabletop, LARP, dice, and card game with us!  Our Warhorn site allows for free log-in and slotting, although you will be required to purchase a con pass on the main site.  I encourage you to get tickets asap, while they are still on presale discount. -> create a FREE log in, and enter your RPGA or PFS number if applicable


I am always available for questions, feedback, and any concerns :


PS - To volunteer for staff or security, please use our main con site.  To volunteer as an experienced DM, please contact me.

-- George Comits

Gaming Segment director

Comicpalooza 2011
Still looking for some veteran LFR DMs and plenty of space for players!