How much use did your group get out of their Fortune Deck?

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I ran two different sessions at a local comic shop last night.  The first group 3/4 of the players had cards.  One player was using one almost every round, the others played a couple through the night.  The twitter buff at the time allowed a one time draw of a tactic card from the discard pile instead of their deck, so when a card that gave the stroke of luck came up it saw a double use.  This week was a challenge and the cards helped the players to get through it.

The second group only two players had the cards and a  couple of cards were played through the night. 
Our group made tons of use out of the Double Defense twitter buff and their "Impervious" defense cards this past week.  For the few that didn't like the cards, they love em now!
The cards are almost never used at our tables for Encounters. At my home game, though, we've thrown away the rule sheet for the cards and literally rewrote them from the ground up to make them work in a way that makes sense. We haven't fully fleshed them out yet, but the basics go like this:
1) Draw a hand 5 - we found it's better to have actual options rather than a gamble.
2) You may play only 1 card per turn - you may have options, but you can really only focus on one.
3) You may discard a card to draw card - sometimes you need a moment to rethink your strategy.
4) If you run out of cards, you draw back to 5 - desperate times call for desperate measures.

So far, though, no one is really excited about them, and no one plans to buy more except one of our DM's. Though he may be willing to quietly try our modified rules for them. Deck building for our new rules in essence requires at least 20 cards, so we pooled our complementary decks into one large communal deck. If it works, great! If it doesn't work, great! It's a gimmick, a poorly written one, and a naked grab for our money. If our experiment fails, I promise we don't plan to ever use them again.
Vancian magic needs to be nuked from orbit. It's the only way to be sure it will never appear in the core for Next. Vancian magic is purely for nostalgia. Nostalgia doesn't make bad mechanics good.
Although his luck didn't hold through the end of the chapter, those cards helped keep Aldus alive through weeks 6, 7, and most of 8, even though the enemy forces were focusing fire on him.  The Hunter has used cards to prevent OAs and to help make up for the rapid shot penalty.  Everyone welcomed cards that allowed rerolls of missed attacks.  

They've been a hit at my tables. 
At our game I took the initial cards given in the envelope and give a set to all new players. Enough of the regulars went and bought more cards so they give them to the newbies to finish a set of 10. We have everyone using them but one guy still uses his reward card from last season to always get a free reroll once per encounter. Most of my players like the cards quite a bit. I used them also for Vlad this week since he was the big bad. I got a +2 buff to all defenses that helped a little before he croaked.
Fewer cards were played this last round (8), but each player did use at least one.  All the players are pysched about the rewards cards, and one is nearly to 60 renoun and has a look of glee in his eyes for the coming chapter!
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