tempered steel infection

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just for fun this is my white artifact deck, tell me what you think.

4 x necropede
4 x ethersworn canonist
4 x phyrexian digester
4 x Plague myr
4 x corpse cur
2 x core prowler

enchants and sorceries:
4 x tempered steel
2 x journey to nowhere
4 x oblivion ring
4 x open the vaults

4 x emeria, the sky ruin
20 x plains


4 x day of judgment
4 x scourglass
4 x phyrexian rebirth
3 x relic of progenitus

the sweeping is inspired by the wrath guy but i think this type of deck will shine against elves, eldrazy ramp and merfolk which seem to be annoying me oh so much right now.  gonna let my friend whose just starting magic use it for the weekend tournament.  is there anything that i should switch things out for? i'm trying to make it competative and noob friendly.
This seems very noob friendly and simple as far as strategy and mechanics. I wonder if you want some kind of extra mana in the form of Everflowing Chalice or something similar. Alternately, splashing blue for Etherium Sculptor and some card draw could really help this have a more aggressive tempo.
i would remove the open the Vaults and the sky ruins

i would add in inkmoth nexus and Ichorclaw Myr

prolly replace the core prowler's with Contagion Clasp
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My friend decided not to show up which is cool I guess.  He said he wanted to use his own deck but didnt even show.  This deck is actually built around  Open the Vaults and Emeria, the sky ruin.  They are the true game winners for me and I attack almost each turn. If I were to add Ichorclaw myr it would be at the expense of necropede however I did lose the Core Prowlers in exchange for steel overseer.  I also tossed the Phyrexian rebirths in order to add temple bell but will add howling mines later.  Also I have learned of a card called scarecrone which I may use