Wookiee Freedom Fighters and Twin

Can you use the wookiee freedom fighters charging assault and still twin attack with a czerka as long as its within 6 squares of the wookiee? According to The Holocrons glossary for Twin Attack:

Twin Attack: This character makes a single extra attack whenever it makes an attack. This extra attack must be made against the same target as the original attack; if the original target was defeated by the first attack, this character cannot attack it again. Twin Attack even affects multiple attacks granted by special abilities and Force powers; for example, if Lord Vader uses his Lightsaber Sweep power, he can attack every adjacent target twice! However, the extra attack from Twin Attack does not stack with itself; that is, a character doesn’t get another attack after making the extra attack from Twin Attack.

and Charging Assault:

Charging Assault +[#]: Instead of taking its normal turn, this character can move up to twice its speed and, after moving, make an attack on the same turn against an adjacent enemy. It must move at least 1 square to use this special ability. This attack gets a +[#] bonus to Damage.

I would think you could as the card states that you are making an ATTACK against an adjacent enemy. Just wanted to make sure I'm doing this right as its for a Wookiee team I play often and wanted to make sure it was all legit

Yes. The Charging Assault bonus doean't apply to the Twin Attack, however.
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