Darth Vader CotS and 181st Imperial Pilot

Ok so lets say I have Vader CHampion of the Sith and he is within 6 squares of a 181st Imperial Pilot. The pilot twin attacks an enemy and the first half of the twin hits but the 2nd one does not. Now if i use Vaders CE to reroll would it count as a whole attack and id be able to twin again even though the first part of the attack hit? Say the first attack misses and i reroll with the +4 +10. would i be able to twin with the +4 +10 or is it only for the first part of the attack? would he be able to twin at all? Thanks guys
You only get to re-roll 1 single attack with the use of Vader COTF

If you hit with the first attack then missed with the second part of the twin and chose to re-roll, you would only re-roll the second part at +4+10 as the first attack is already complete and damage has been marked, etc.

If you miss the first attack and re-roll you would roll only that one attack at +4+10 and if you hit (obv a miss and you are immediately defeated per Vader's CE), you would then roll the twin attack at your normal attack values.

Hope that helps.
Ok thanks man
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