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We all know about the maps in the three boxes we've seen (or soon will see), and most of us know of the additional map in the Game Day adventure.  I thought we might brainstorm on where else we could find battle maps for use in home brew Gamma World campaigns.

D&D Miniatures Battle Maps: Obviously, any D&D battlemap could be used with Gamma World, but most of them would look a little odd considering they lack any modern, futuristic or apocalyptic influences.  However, a few tiles or decorations strategically places on the battle mats could make them quite appropriate.

Star Wars Miniatures Battle Maps: These obviously show futuristic influences that could work well for some parts of gamma world.  However, the decorations may be 'too futuristic', or feature elements that are too tied to the Star Wars universe (such as iconic ships) for us to easily overlook.  Again, a few tiles/decorations could address these issues.  I found the CLone Wars map packs for $2 each online...  Each contained a double sided map that works for Gamma World.

Non-WotC Sci-fi Battle Maps: Tthere are a few out there that would work.  Some of them are kind of expensive IMHO, but if you have the wallet and want them...  Armored Cartographers, Game Mastery, etc...  Anyone have any favorites from Non-Wotc companies?

What else do people use for preprinted battle maps?

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i haven't been very satisfied with the preprinted battle maps my group's been using. i tried briefly using one of those 3D paper sets and that didn't work out much better either. explored the digital option, but i still like the tactile appeal of a physical board. i think i'm going to go with something compatiable with dry markers, either laminated generic battlemaps or a whiteboard or something. have some paper landscape, furniture, and vehicles i can clip and use to keep it from getting too bland. customization and economy trump aesthetics in my book.
I'm in the process of creating some 3-D paper terrain right now.  Its time-consuming at the start, but once I've created my tiles and walls and stuff I'll just be able to use them and reconfigure them whenever I want.

However, for people who don't want to get quite that involved in cutting and gluing, there are places online you can purchase sci-fi themed tiles (like WotCs dungeon tiles), download them in PDF form and print them out (preferably on cardstock, but anything will do). RPG Now is one such site and they have a *ton* of really nice stuff.  And since you're just buying pdf files and printing them yourself, most of it is dirt cheap.  Worth checking out if you're trying to find alternatives.

Edit: Out of curiousity, Morbid, what was it about the 3-D stuff that didn't work out for you?

Edit#2: Also, for those who aren't crazy about the thought of using something they printed on their home printer, you can load the pdf files on a flash drive and take them to kinkos or some other such place.  You could have them print a poster-sized battle mat, and if you took the extra step to spend a little cash to have it laminated, it would be something you could use for years.  And since the tiles are all reconfigurable, you could come up with a new layout and repeat this process as often as you like.
My group uses the empty battle map from the back of the 3.5 DMG. I got it laminated so we can draw encounter terrain all over it with markers or china-marking pencils and erase it later. It sometimes requires more artistic skill to represent objects and terrain legibly, but it's served very well for us.
Most of my minis are on bases a bit bigger than 1" so I'm thinking about using old heroclix maps.  Also for free mapping I'm going to grid a piece of poster board and have it laminated.
I would imagine you could use "Dungeon Tiles Master Set - The Wilderness" for alot of encounters and once in a while add small setting specific items to the maps from downloads.  Perhaps some of paizo map packs might also work.
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I use Drive thru rpg alot and they have alot of decent map items on there site. The is one thing called Omega Tiles it is a set of 1 inch grid battle maps of damaged road that work very well in post apoc settings.
fwiw: I just now added a new Map/Tile section to the forum FAQ.
Simple, but very effective. You can print out your own maps from this site in B&W.

If you aren't using it, you should be.

Good stuff.

I also made these for Freesboro, but I don't have a color printer that works, alas. 

I use Heroclix maps.  I also make use of certain D&D module maps my DM blows up and prints out of the Scales of War adventures.

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