Question for DM's on session 1.

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Don't want to spoil anything so my question is below


How many people are in the initial expedition? I missed the general size.

I ask because they mention that in encounter 1 half of the wagons are guarded by the players. There are only 4 wagons in the encounter. To me it would be silly to have a caravan of 8 wagons to settle a town so I was just going to assume those 4 wagons are the only ones in their group that get threatened but, that still leaves me with the problem of how many people are part of the caravan.

We know of the party, 3 NPCs and a dozen acolytes that take part in session four's ritual.

My guess is 60 people all together. Others thoughts?

And also, woot Season 4 thread
I have another question about the combat encounter.

First, if a PC replaces a horse to move one of the wagons, does he still get to move without taking opportunity attacks? Would he just reappear on the end of the board behind the stirges?

I believe a character only replaces a horse if one dies and they will suffer the consequences of not keeping a horse alive.

What Saintdave said.  IIRC, that's for them hauling the wagon after combat.  If the horse dies for a wagon, I'd say the wagon would lose its use ability.
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