Create your own Standees and HP Tracker

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I just posted a blog that outlines, in step-by-step instructions how to creature your own standees and HP trackers that would be basically identical to the ones I provided for most of this season. This is using Paint .Net but alot of the basic concepts can be applied to Photoshop and other image editors to get the same result.

As I mentioned in another thread, I will not be doing trackers for season 4 as I am not a DM this time around, so I figured I should provide something to help people try to continue making and using these useful things.


Currently the instructions are text only and quite rough and longwinded but I plan to revisit it and refine it, so if you have feedback, drop me a message.

Otherwise feel free to use it, reference it and experiment with it. I'm looking forward to seeing what people do with it.