The Red Zone

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This is the old red burn deck that I've had for ever and a day. Now that I've got a hold of some decent artifact fatties and a playset of Banefires, it's had another big rejig. So here it is for posterity.
Yes, this is something like v4.0 - the first was with Urzatron, the second added 8Post and Doubling Cubes, and the third started running Planeswalker's Fury and Ignite Memories to hand it to Eldrazi players. It's now beginning to take on a Scars feel, and probably needs a set of Great Furnaces added at some point.

The Red Zone v4.0

It's always been quick and hot. Now it can drop fatties like the Colossi and the Hellkite to kill you in different ways. And I'm trying to get enough artifacts in here to make Molten Psyche a viable alt-win too.
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