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This is basically "Bl00m's sucky Deck #20" (or whatever number I'm up to... is it bad that I've lost count how many decks I currently have in circulation?), so some of the power support cards are not available for this deck. Nonetheless, Mirror-Sigil Sergeant, and lots of them. I'm sure we can improve this. I've already clicked that I should probably be running Dismantling Blow ahead of Disenchant here.

Send In The Clones v1.0

A couple of my reasonings:

  • My meta has moved away from Wrath effects for now, and is currently heavy with targetted creature removal. Fliers will get through for damage somewhere. Shrouded creatures hang around. Whispersilk Cloak (here in the absence of Lightning Greaves) and Levitation are in for this reason - they'll make all my Sergeants do exactly this.

  • Mobilization is there to give the Sergeants vigilance more than anything - having a bunch of 4/4s being able to do dual duty on offense and defense is underrated in its value. And if I can knock out a soldier or two in the meantime, more win for me.

  • The more I play with Shapesharer, the more I am impressed by it. People seem to leave you alone when you have one and untapped - they're wary that it can become the best creature on the table in response to them attacking. That, and I want to get a Followed Footsteps on one, just to see what happens. ;)

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Vesuvan Doppelganger would probably be superior to Clone since it doesn't copy the chosen creatures color. I am pretty sure that some other clone variants do the same, but can't think of one right now.
Only one haze? No Drift of Phantasms? Chronazoa might be worth it.

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