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This thread is for discussion of this week's Limited Information, which goes live Tuesday morning on magicthegathering.com.

Blisterstick Shaman ought not to be underrated, one killed me at the prerelease. Although even the mention of Vivisection sickens me.

Blue got the worst end of the deal in Besieged. Consecrated Sphinx, while cool, has terrible art. Distant Memories is either a Diabolic Tutor that reveals the card to your opponent or a Concentrate that exiles a card you want from your library, and your opponent gets to choose (as if the other drawbacks weren't bad enough).

The infect portion of the article was interesting and relevant. My personal opinion is that, although it's more widespread in Besieged, infect has now become almost worthless for limited (if it wasn't already before). I ADORE some of the infect cards for constructed play (Plague Stinger, Phyrexian Crusader, Hand of the Praetors... what a curve :D).

The last note about Flayer Husk in the article is one I find I must agree with. It's much better than most people say it is.

EDIT: If my posts don't really seem relevant to the article, it's because every time I read an article and it's fresh in my mind, the forums aren't working. Then I come back later and post what I can remember about I was going to say.
Infect guys like Rot Wolf, Priests of Norn, Blightwidow look so solid. Tine Shrike with any common Equipment threatens to go the distance on its own.

They are good enough to play as the only Infect creature in the deck, and thus they make it much less risky to draft infect. (Compare this to the fragile infect creatures of SoM, where you Infect was about having enough copies of low-drops to reliably start the beats early, and to have enough copies to keep trading with the opponent's creature repeatedly.)

Another thing I notice is that the best answer to infect is infect. Blightwidow is good against opponent's Blightwidows and Priests of Norns. Even a 2/1 infecter can nullify a Blightwidow, whereas it's very hard to find a non-infect common creature that can. That's another factor that makes it less risky to pick infect, even if you only end up in with only a small infect component.
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