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Looking for map downloads

There are 2 exploring encounters (the keep and forest) where the PCs will be exploring different sections of the map but no map is provided to show the players those sections. Besides making a bad photocopy, could we get an image file of each area to download and print.

Another question?

Where's the Beef?

I actually mean coin, I don't see anywhere in the module monetary rewards for the characters after any encounter. Does this mean that the only way that they will get cash is by selling items that they don't want?
I'm with ya, I'd like images of the two exploration sites (without labels, possibly excepting a Start Area) that I could use instead of awkwardly folding the adventure booklet.

Generally the Rewards section just covers XP.  In total there are 10 rolls from the treasure table for non-XP rewards, but that's not sufficient for treasure parcels they should be recieving.  I understand, to an extent, why there aren't more mundane rewards, but it still seems unfair to the players.  I'm thinking of copying the treasure parcels from the DMG to use sans Magic Items and rolling a couple per chapter along with the Treasure Table rolls.
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