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Are you an a**hole? You want to use Plow Under, Rain of Salt, and Wake of Destuction? I use 'em
What about Soul's Majesty and Momentous Fall?
And you have so many "lets make some tokens" cards. Put some global pump in. Maybe Vitalizing Wind or Decree of Savagry? Or Kamhal, Fist of Krosa. And if you put him in then you have to put in Goblin Sharpshooter. Oh, and Siege-Gang commander really works well with Wort's tokens and stuff.

And it looks like you could cut a couple land. You got 40, counting the borderpost. Thats normal for an EDH deck, but yo have so much ramp! Also, put in a couple more fatties so that your ramp can do more and you can actually win games with tooth and nail. Maybe Ulamog, Terestadon, Woodfall Primus.

Also, since you have Garruk, put in the Rav land that produces two mana.

Cards you can get rid of imo:
Squirrel Nest
Empty the Warrens
Hunting Triad
Predetory Advantage
Rending Vines (Surely there are better choices)
A couple land.

Grow old or die trying.
Smash---> Fissure
Steely resolve??---> Kamahl
Slate of Ancestry---> Top
Collective Unconscious---> Scroll Rack
Vines---> Rootgrapple
3-5 token generators to big dudes of choice 
2-3 lands for Rolling Thunder, Zeniths, Genesis Wave, etc.. (big swingy spells)
Currently in the deck box: Ashling the Pilgrim Horde of Notions Merieke Ri Berit Lin Sivvi Ertai,the Corrupted Riku of Two Reflections Sliver Overlord In Progress: Garza Zol Thraximundar
Also, you need Cord of Calling(sp), Duplicant, Acidic Slime, Eratic Portal, Reverberate. I once cast Gelatonus Genesis for X=4, copied it, and cast rveberate on it and copied that. 16 4/4's. I won.
Grow old or die trying.
I appreciate that you guys made suggestions. Unfortunately, in my opinion almost all of those suggestions are terrible!
I don't think anyone would care to read why, so I won't bothering typing it all, but if I'm wrong, I'd be happy to explain.
I'll just point out that the land destruction is a matter of personal preference. It's not that I'm not an ****, I'd just rather make tokens :3

I did find some secret tech on my own, and made the following changes:

squirrel nest --> parallel evolution. yes. with conspire. yes yes yes.
shivan oasis--> regal force. This deck needs to make sure it doesn't run out of cards. Also, tooth and nailing this guy out with deranged hermit and stuff is a blast. And yeah, I can probably get away with dropping a land. But I won't like it!
fanning the flames --> in the web of war. Both great here, but web of war is the greater. I'd like to squeeze fanning the flames back in, though.
empty the warrens --> beacon of creation. green tokens are more important than red tokens.
highland weald --> gruul turf. good call on that felduir.
kazandu refuge --> khalni garden :D On her own, wort and her included tokens can conspire one spell a turn; with a single plant token, that number magically becomes two.

The card that's at the top of my want list for this deck is avenger of zendikar. When did that guy go over $15 a pop?! Standard decks must be embarrassingly slow these days...
I dont see a ton of burn outside of Comet Storm, the Wort guy in my group likes killing me with double Demonfires or Banefires. I recommend Chord of Calling too, probably Green sun's zenith as well, go get too huge dudes? of course, tooth and nail, which you have, but I like redundency for extra brokeness.
Yeah, I did end up switching in the web of war back to fanning the flames. If I was going to add another x-burn, it would be rolling thunder.

Why is everyone telling me to play more fatties? Seriously, just why? I'd rather play big silly spells I can conspire in this deck.

I would like to get green sun's zenith, but mostly because it can go grab wort if she gets hit by a tuck effect (hinder, etc.) That's really the only thing that kept me from cutting tooth and nail and primal command early on. Now that I have regal force, though, all the creature-grabbing effects can refill my hand, so I would like more. Maybe then I'll toss in a terastodon or an ulamog, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. GSZ's $$ price is a little more than I like to shell out for cards.
Well, I suggested 3-5 more which I don't think changes the deck's identity too much, mostly because you (IMO) should have more than one avenue to winning and some beaters to face off against the ones that will be across the table from you.  My Merieke deck WANTS to win by stealing your best guy and beating you to death with it, but if you're playing with Rhys/tokens I better have some other way of killing you.  Yes you can token wave (which is why I suggested Overrun on a stick Kamahl) or perhaps hope to get a huge X spell conspired for wins, but if you need to use them to keep the fatties from stomping you, then you can't burn people out of their chairs.  If your goal is simply to cram every fun high end spell in R/G then that's fine, but I assume you know you won't always have a ton of tokens on the board and you better be able to survive and thrive after the third sweeper that game has gone off.  The other changes I thought were good ones for consistency's sake.
Currently in the deck box: Ashling the Pilgrim Horde of Notions Merieke Ri Berit Lin Sivvi Ertai,the Corrupted Riku of Two Reflections Sliver Overlord In Progress: Garza Zol Thraximundar

-goblin offensive
-thran dynamo
-predatory advantage
-gruul turf
- bestial menace
-firewild borderpost
- terramorphic expanse, evolving wilds

+avenger of zendikar
+hunting wilds
+green sun's zenith
+crop rotation
+reap and sow
+in the web of war
+nostalgic dreams
+dense foliage
+2 forest

apparently there were less than 99 cards.
glorious updates

+sylvan library
+beast within
+spontaneous generation
+mouth of ronom
+strip mine

-slate of ancestry
-desert twister

regular lands --> snow lands 
I don't know if you took the time to look over my list, but I enjoy Into the Core to permanently get rid of problem artifacts or get rid of annoying indestructible cards such as Darksteel Forge or Darksteel Plate . I also feel like Devil's Play is a decent game ender. If you have one, Primeval Titan is great for ramping out a game ending burn. I run Genesis Wave , but I don't think your deck can take advantage of it as well as mine can, since you went the token route. I like Bramblecrush to deal with trouble permanents like PW's when I don't have Beast Within. Maybe Parallel Lives ? I don't know how invested your are in the token thing. Kessig Wolf Run is a great land for big swings imo. Maybe Chaos Warp as well. Some of your cards are obviously higher quality than mine, so my suggestions may be irrelevant, but that's my take on it. I like your list a lot, I was thinking of playing around with Mogg Infestation .

Please tell me why you disagree with any suggestions, I'd like to hear your take.
I'm new to the forums, and would really appreciate help on any of my deck lists, as those who live near me and play Magic is a small pool to draw from. I play EDH and Standard, and enjoy both Sealed and Draft in Limited. Wort EDH In standard I play U/w Delver/Illusions.
Lots of good suggestions, JhoiraOfTheGhitu; the main issue is simply a matter of space. Raidmother's conspiring makes lots of marginal cards playable and lots of playable cards insane. Into the core, bramblecrush and Prime Time are cards I'd be perfectly happy playing, I just don't think they're better than anything I'm already playing. Chaos warp IS better than cards I'm playing, but I don't have one.

Innistrad brought us a lot of good stuff. I think make a wish and into the maw of hell are both solid in raidmother decks, as is devil's play as you mentioned.

Mogg infestation looks equal parts playable and hilarious. I'm going to try it for sure.
im a big fan of Wort, the raidmother for a commander.  have had one built for almost 5 years now.  i also went the token route and the list i use is more or less of a carry over from an old standard deck back when masques and urza blocks were legal.  early ramp via rofellos, or land ramping with exploration, then drop Spontaneous Generation, followed up by a Collective Unconscious powered out by gaea's cradle.  Take this basic principle to commander with other token making spells such as sprout swarm, saproling symbiosis and the all powerfull doubling season and you can amass a large army from seemingly out of nowwhere.  before it was banned, painter's servant was nuts as the spells could be conspired regardless of what color they first were.  ive recently retooled the deck a few days ago to bring it back to its origional form, cutting many non-instant or scorcery spells that were clogging up the few spaces i had open.   some other great cards to concider are earthcraft or Kyren Negotiations.  Both spells let you make use of the often unhasty tokens to either help ramp out other spells or do damage.  copying explore or manamorphose is great as each cantrips.  
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