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So there's a friend of mine that can't leave home due to medical issues and doesn't own a computer.  So I thought, "It shouldn't be too hard to DM a single player game over the phone using pure desciptive words and sticking with Essentials."  I've never really DMed anything for fewer than 3 people before and don't really know how to go about it.  I was thinking about having him start out between level 3 and 5 so on occation I can have an encounter of 3-4 monsters of lesser level to fight to make it more epic, maybe throw in some minions occationally.  Anyway, I'd like to hear your some thoughts of how you would go about it.  (BYW I did look at the solo adventure released awhile back I think in Dungeon 182 but I'm not really interested in it, nor the sidekick idea.)
Urban setting, basically a rogue focused intrigue based style game where it is not epic battles against groups of adversaries, but rather mainly solos that get more dangerous as your friend's player get more and more higher in level.

It will keep the fact he has only one PC doable for both of you.
You won't need to fret over covering a lot of terrain and needing to encounter the cliche monsters in the wild that exceed a group of one's abilities.

I would suggest for Eberron (what I play in myself) the city of Sharn as a starting point.
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He was saying he'd like to run a wizard (mage) but you know how they are.  Low HP, low AC, and horrible melee.  But yeah I like the urban setting idea.  
Wizard ain't gonna work for 1p. Like it says in the DMG, defender is the best choice.
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I remember seeing some 3.5 solo adventures made for wizards specifically, but yeah I agree with a defender or stout striker or leader would be much better.
I guess my biggest concern is how do I make the encounters?  Do I try to have one or two monsters of similar level?  Or do you have a few more of lesser level?  Mix of both?  Just be nice to hear from someone who's done with before.
Swordmage -> defender with the arcane flavour.
Running a solo player can be a lot of fun, and very freeing. You can let the player run anything he wants, with no real limits. If he/she wanted to mix and match a bunch of stuff from multiple classes, why not let it happen? You don't have to worry about party balance.

Without a party to think about, you can easily make the character the star of the show. Every quest can be tied directly to the character if you want. You also don't have to split roleplaying time with a bunch of other people, so, when you get into roleplaying situations, there's no worry that another player might get bored because they have little to contribute to the discussion.

As for combat, you can always tailor fights to the character's strengths. Naturally you'll want to toss a curveball once in a while, but I wouldn't do it too often.

The guy's stuck at home with medical problems. Feel free to make him the kind of hero (or villain) that legends are told about for centuries. You only have to insure one player's enjoyment (and yours, but, if you're like me at all, you have the most fun when your players are enjoying themselves).
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If it was me? I would play a single DMNPC to fight alongside him. In this case, a Defender of some sort to back him up. Not a sidekick but an ally.

Alternatively yet similar (and it goes along with jetshield's idea): make him a hero (or villain) with his own group of knights/minions that obey his every command.

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Sorry to hear about your buddy. 

If you're a bit creative, take some of the above advice, and scale the encounters to what a player can handle, I think you'll both have a blast of a time.

I am Dm'ing now for my 7 year old daughter.  I was a little surprised she took to the game so well, but there it is - she loves it.  Anyway, I struggled too with "how am I going to do this?"  What I have been doing, and it is working out quite well, is to play an ally NPC alongside her character.  She also wanted to be a wizard, so I picked a warpriest.  (Yes, I am running Essentials).

So far I've used all stock adventures: Ghost Tower, Ghost Dungeon, Twisted Halls, Reavers of Harkenwold, and now I am running Orcs of Stonefang Pass.

I've needed to scale down just about all of the encounters so far, but honestly, that is pretty easy to do.   At this point, the characters are level 7, in Stonefang Pass, and the encounters may work out well as written.  I plan on running Thunderspire Labyrinth afterwards, and I just may need to scale those encounters up.  We'll see.

When you scale the encounter, you don't need to necessarily plan it beforehand.  I tend to wing it based on how the encounter is going, or if it is clear a creature would eat the characters alive.  For instance, I tosed in a fight with a carrion crawler (lvl5, skirmisher) which is two levels below the charcters.  That was a fair fight, given the special attack of the crawler.  Had the characters started to tear it to pieces with no challenge, I'd have happily tossed in another crawler to even it up.

Another trick: I will break the encounter into sections so not all monsters are there at once.  Some wander in, or return from somewhere, or.. use your imagination.

Hope this helps.

I've done quite a bit of 1 on 1 DMing.  I've found the best way is to have the player play a pair of characters, not just one.  If your friend wants to play a wizard let him, but let him also have a capable companion / familiar.

The book "Fanuilh" by Daniel Hood is an excellent example of this and there are many other examples of interesting adventuring pairs.  These tight pairings actually work best when they are controlled by a single player in an RPG.   This also develops great RPG skills. I've been amazed that when a player is given real freedom and two PCs, the PCs become distinct individuals and may even begin to argue (weird but true).

If you really want only one character, this is doable, but you will often want or need NPC allies in your scenarios, but these can be done as a sort of "guest star" approach.

For encounters - it's not too tough to do.  Start very small and tentative and ramp up as things go.  Always have escape routes and capture outcomes in mind.  If your encounters are not always fights to the death it usually is no problem as the one player can lose and the game goes on.  This actually makes for very interesting encounters too.  Hooks should involve lower scale goals like finding / rescuing someone or getting information, etc.  With a wizard you could also do a lot of exploration in the use of rituals which is hard to pull off in a 5 player campaign.

Have fun with it!
I guess my biggest concern is how do I make the encounters?  Do I try to have one or two monsters of similar level?  Or do you have a few more of lesser level?  Mix of both?  Just be nice to hear from someone who's done with before.

If he's a wizard? Minions. Thousands of them

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If he's a wizard you could get some defender-like familiar for him that he plays but is unable to speak (someone arguing with himself... no)
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