Confusing Bombad Gungan

So im going to start off saying i officialy hate fighting this stupid piece!!!!  With the group i play with someone is known for having a very lethal Gungan team in which Jar Jar is present. (yes i know how the heck are gungans lethal? idk?)  But any way i need some more advice on exactly how it works. Recently i played a 4 player team game were i attacked Jar Jar with Darth Caedus and Jar Jar succesfully did Bombad Gungan and directed to another adjacent player.  That i was ok with.  But after the other player asked if he could have directed the attack to a charachter  within 6 squares like the card says.  I didnt think so seeing how it was a melee attack but the card dosent really give you much.  So any advice or thoughts would help.

Ahh once again an issue with Jar Jar. The basic thing to remember is just to read the card and try not to think too hard about how stuff works and just that it does. Jar Jar just takes the attack and moves it to someone else within 6 squares. Not a legal target either so someone thats cloaked can be hit too since hes not technically targeting them. So a melee attack can be redirected to someone thats not adjacent. anything that targets him can be redirected to anything in 6 squares friend or foe. the new character that gets hit by the attack however does change the way an attack works. say roan fel attacks jar jar and jar jar is activated already. fel would be doing 30 damage to jar jar thanks to opportunist. if jar jar uses bombad gungan and uses it on an imperial knight within 6 squares that has not activated yet, it would only be 20 damage since opportunist doesnt apply to an unactivated character. could the imperial knight use lightsaber block to negate the damage since roan fels attack was technically a melee attack? no because the attack did not target the imperial knight. plus it would suck to use cortosis guantlet on roan fel with your own imperial knight. hope this helps. if anyone else has anything to add please do as im sure i might have missed something
ok my bad. you actually can evade, parry, lb, etc normally. it counts as a nonadjacent melee attack in roan fels case. so momentum wouldnt work because the character was not technically adjacent either. say roan fel had momentum and it as the same case as above. instead of doing 40 damage to jar jar he would do 20 to the imperial knight.
This is all covered under Bombad Gungan in the FAQ which is found here.
Thanks all for clearing that up for me.