New game store opening in Fowlerville, Mi

Game Links is a gaming store in downtown Fowlerville. Our goal is to create an environment that will welcome customers to stay and enjoy themselves for hours. Do you want to play cards with your buddies? You can do that here! Do you want to find more people to dominate in your favorite miniature game? You can do that here! Do you want to find a new Dungeon Master? You can do that here! Finding yourself with no one to play Monopoly with? You can find other gamers here. Our job is to help you with all of your gaming needs. 

Miniatures - Warhammer, Horde, Warmachine, Flames of War and more.
Card Games - Magic the Gathering, Munchkin and more.
Board Games - Descent, Settler of Catan, Monopoly and more.
Roleplaying - Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun and more.

Give us a call 5147-861-4263
Dont forget the War at Sea and Axis and Allies Minis games. A few starters and some boosters would give folks some out of the box games choices.
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