Math Teacher Seeking Assistance... PLEASE READ... Trying to make Math interesting!!!!!!!

Math Teacher Seeking Help!!!

Hello to all... Now I have been a fan of D and D, Paladium, etc. for many years. However it has not been until recently that I have needed a much deeper understanding of the game.

I have read over the game "Heroes of Hesiod" and loved it. But it is too simple for my students. They could use a bit more of a mathematical challenge... as well we have many a nerdy boy and girl that really would be interested in creating a character within rules... letting them tailor that will really make it more fun!

I would like to create a game for my sixth graders to play to better understand and work with integer operations... (+ - x /) as well as percentages and fractions all with positive and negative numbers... a rather droll subject... but not if you use D and D... it could be very fun.

This is all well and good... the game does these things very well. But creating a game, characters and monsters is something that I am not experienced in. I think that the standard character creation and game rules are a bit to complicated. However these students are extremely good in math (international school in china) and can use a bit of a challenging system... only simplified.

So basically I am looking for suggestions. I want them to be able to create characters, and I could create an adventure... this adventure could last three class periods if neccessary (45 min each).

If there is anything existing... please let me know.

Looking forward to your responses.