Dungeon 186 - The Runecutter's Ruin

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DnDi_Large.pngDungeon 186
The Runecutter's Ruin

By Logan Bonner

A runepriest intends to call an avatar of his god, but something else might answer.

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I enjoyed reading through the adventure, and I'm sure there's potential for new player Runepriest material based on the material.
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Can we get the runepriest powers as encounter powers, please?
I like that the villain wasn't exactly 'evil' but actually had a reasonable goal, albeit perhaos a bit misguided in his attempts and picking of allies. The sidebar about handling him was also good.

Very few official D&D villains work this way.
I liked it. Interesting twist with the Rune transference too.


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I liked it too, other than seconding both Janx and Plaguescarred I also liked the fact the end fight goal wasn't just to kill everything on the map but to accomplish a specific action.

If I end up fitting this to mine I might try to string out the investigation a bit more and add one more rune so my whole party gets affected at some point (the three given fit most of my pretty well, any suggestions for a rune boon/curse that would be good for an elven bow ranger?)