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Which is a stonger deck: RUG Valakut (One example would be the one that won GP Atlanta) or RG Valakut (Placed 2nd)?
I like RG because you don't need to rely on Omen to win. That makes you less vulnarable to hate and able to go off with only Scapeshift thats a big deal to me. The (really) Bant wargate version is also strong because they get counters but out of the side I pull all kinds of things to deal with blue. I'm starting a thread on RG valakut.
I like RUG Valakut more... You cna protect your prismatic omens wiht counters and cryptics.... Plus you can use jace and ponder and other blue spells to get you out of a pinch.. To me I think RUG is way better. If you run 4 omens you should probley get 2 a game mimimum and through testing if you never tap out except for big spells that should finish the game you can win.
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