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So I have a deck that's been doing really well and someone commented that it was almost extended legal.  I'm thinking of looking for some tournaments to try it in rather than annoying my casual group with quick wins before they can do anything.  I only need to replace paradise mantle and serum visions.  I need paradise mantle as an infinite combo trigger that both taps a creature and adds 1 mana as many times as I want for cards like Puresight Merrow (or bigger badder cards + training grounds).    But it's not extended legal, nor are some other enchants I found that do the same thing.  Does anyone know a good alternative?  It has blue creatures if that helps, but at the same time I can splash.  Any other combo that will infinite pop something like Knacksaw Clique works too.

I'm sure replacing serum visions will be easy.  Yes I already have both ponder and preordain.  But maybe you can point me to the other good dozen scry or similar cards that are extended legal and I'll pick one.

Option 2 would be to comment on how a turn 3 win deck would fair in legacy.  Well turn 3 half the time, 5-6 turns the other half, and even later if ever with removal/counterspells.  But I figured extended would already be enough of a challenge if I can even manage that.
A decklist would help.
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Serum Visions could likely be replaced with Preordain or, my personal preference, Ponder.

Paradise Mantle could likely be replaced with Springleaf Drum.
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your best bet is grand archetect. although the only real creature he works with is pili-pala once you have both out you have infinite mana and could do any of the infinite combos that you were able to do with parasite mantle
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Pila, Training Grounds, any tap outlet

 Grand Architect lets you do something other than untap, but isn't a one drop.

Have fun with your Thrasher deck?

He can't use Ponder or Preordain as replacements because he's running them already. He's trying to always get his 3-card combo and have untapped with thrasher by t4, I'm assuming.

edit:Pila, Architect is infinite mana. Kill with Zenith, natch.
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