mysterio autentico: my next gamma world adventure for tonight!

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That is the title of this weekend's Gamma World endeavor.  And below is the summary / story of the adventure.  Thoughts? Comments? Call your mama, cause I could care less! (Just kidding, everyone here on these boards are all awesome peoples, and I hope you like my story!) If you have ever read a Frank Comic, that's the general feel I am attempting to incorporate in this game... perhaps remnants of a political visual, in a warped cartoony, abstract world (the title of the adventure is a tribute to Jim Woodring).  Gamma World couldn't have been a more perfect platform. 

You awake.  You can't see.  You feel that you are suspended, though your entire body seems to be trapped in some tightly woven plastic. You struggle, but only one area of your body is able to move - your head. You squeeze your head through thin strips of plastic.  Plastic strings strangle your neck as you struggle to poke your head free.  When you have a visual, you realize you are suspended upside down, inside a cocoon made of shiny black tape which has been expertly braided to restrain your body. The cocoon seems to meld into a barren sandstone floor below your feet, where a stem like shape is formed, bridging your cocoon to the floor (or ceiling, you're not sure).  You are on a canyon floor starring up at a radioactive, starry sky-scape. Green glowing clouds far up in the skies coalesce with the light of the stars, creating a glittering, rainbow-colored atmosphere.   You feel gravity move in the wrong direction as the blood rushes to your face.  

A disturbance suddenly strikes the radioactive clouds, as a centripetal force disrupts their East-West migration!  The clouds are vaccumed towards the apex of the sky above the horizon, as a swirling vortex creates a radioactive maelstrom in the sky.  Your plastic cocoon rocks wildly with the sudden winds blasting at your face and tearing at your skin (or what have you). The glowing green clouds turn into a thunderous, murder of polygonal shapes which dance furiously around the vortex in the sky, where the clouds begin to open like a circular gate into blackness.

In the center of the open, black vortex, amidst a chilly wind, an unnatural light springs forth with the bellowing voice of an angry god. A light in the shape of a square  grows and shrinks according to the volume of the voice at the center of the vortex-portal.  The voice creates a vibration that can be felt in your very soul.  It speaks into your ear and your mind, in every language that you can comprehend, though you cannot recall what you are being told immediately after it has been said. You comprehend the meaning of the voice quite clearly through the process of reminiscence; it's the actual words you cannot remind yourself of.  The voice is demanding that you obey, bellowing to you that there is a city to the west that you must go to.  There you must seek a certain lunatic priest who is supposedly controlling the cosmos along with it's cult followers, through prayer.  The voice informs you that you were chosen and taken from a parallel reality that was being affected by the prayers of this lunatic.  You were brought into this reality as an agent, to correct the lunatic and save your own reality.

The clouds in the sky disappear, and the black, plastic tape restraining your body begins to unravel. A peel of thunder in the sky harmonizes with the final words from the voice, that the tape forming your cocoon is the record of your being. At that, the unraveling tape snakes its way into your mouth, begins poking through your eyes and ears and eventually smothers you in a struggle until you pass out.

You awake.  It's f-ing bright.  The sky appears above the sandstone canyon floor, in an attractive neon-urine yellow. The sun is black, it's rays scorch your body.  The valley's air is a barely breathable smog that might make you think of a car's exhaust if you are aware of what that is.  To the West, every five minutes you hear what sounds like the loud slam of two extremely large pieces of metal.  You are at the back of a boxed canyon, which conveniently faces a westerly travel.  Ahead, to the west resides hundreds of strange, uniformly positioned, perfect columns of sandstone; like a forrest without leaves.  The tops of each sandstone column is flat. Strange 3 foot long beetles scuttle across the floor of the canyon and up and down some of the pillars.  The beetles  let out a strange sound, "HERP! HERP! HERP! HERP"

(Encounter 1 - Herps pg66 Famine in Fargo) 


That is the introductory to the adventure.  The PCs will have to travel west at that point, where they will eventually stumble upon the city.  The city itself is a massive sprawling environment, full of sky scrapers at its center.  Some of the neighborhoods throughout the city,  and some of the various floors in the sky scrapers are bound to/mesh with alternative realities. Chairs talk, the sewers have Poong monsters spitting out of manholes, but traders and power seekers all come here to do business in this apparent crossing for the many realities.  It is rumored that the scientists who caused the big mistake have somehow survived and exist here.  The lunatic priest is not the overlord of the city, but is instead a power who is subtly usurping control of reality to a degree that has garnered more attention than he is aware of in the cosmos.  He is a Temporal Shapeshifter, who rules the church of Digitritus and claims to be the rightful owner to all previously recorded material.

Now is the part where I want to hear from the readers out there.  What would you want to see in this city?  With the current description, what would you think to include or what would you want to see?

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