TKRPG Looking for new members

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TKRPG is an old, friendly and small forum a few years old based around a community of gamers and roleplayers of all ages, mainly around their teens and early twenties. We were originally a community based around the Three Kingdoms era of China and the game Dynasty Warriors, but have since then gone on to hosting other types of forum-based roleplay games as members have shown interest.

We would love to receive any new members, so if you are looking for a place to show your writing or drawing skills, roleplaying skills, host a new game, be it an RPG or something similar, or just have a good time and talk to some friendly people in a polite and intelligent manner, we will be delighted to have you around.

If you want some more information about us, feel free to join, introduce yourself and ask any questions you wish. If you don't like it, there is nothing tying you down. I personally look forward to any new members!