Character Builder Troubleshooting Tips

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Hey all, trying to create another useful thread here. I've been trying to help people get a handle on the OCB since it was released and I've seen some things work more than others. I figured I could leave this resource here so people can get their issues resolved.

Standard Disclaimer: This isn't a complaint thread. This is supposed to be helpful.

If you have specific issues or other troubleshooting tips go ahead and post them here and hopefully we can get a decent resource together. Anyway, on to the tips.

Step 1: Close the browser and then reopen it to the Character Builder. See if that fixes the issue.
Logic: The OCB often has trouble changing states between characters. This ensures a fresh session.

Step 2: Close the browser and then reopen it. Clear the browser cache. Run disk cleanup (or equivalent) and clear "downloaded program files" and "temp files". Then reopen the Character Builder.
Logic: This will force the browser to redownload the OCB so if something was corrupt it will be replaced with a working file.

Step 3: Delete the errant Character and rebuild him from scratch.
Logic: The OCB can have trouble importing and working with characters built in older versions. Deleting the character from the cloud ensures that it doesn't "infect" the builder and recreating it from scratch ensures that the character is built using the current interface and data structures. This also ensures that any houseruled items are cleared as houserules can cause issues as well.

Step 4: Uninstall/Reinstall Silverlight
Logic: The OCB runs in Silverlight. If Silverlight is corrupt, the OCB may not run correctly.

If none of those steps work, then submit a bug report and let the forum know about it so maybe we can find a workaround.

Additionally, common workarounds can be found in this thread: