Daegu/Waegwan players for D&D4Ed, Star Wars Minatures, Star Wars RPG, MTG, and others wanted.

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Just want to get a gathering of peoples together to nerd game on the weekends. No real experiance in demand, just to get a good group of gaming friends going. Not restrained to just these games either; post here if interested.
I think we have someone from Daegu lurking on our Seoul-based gaming listserv, might be worth posting something there. 
I'd love to post something there, except I don't want to join yahoo groups. Yahoo and I have beef. Maybe suggest daegu lurkers here? Or to my profile?
Yeah yahoogroups is, unfortunately almost as annoying to deal with as registering for these boards ;) Want to PM me an email address for people to contact you or just have them go through the boards?
How 'bout both? Then the really shy ones have options, Wink.

I gotta get something going here in Daegu. So far, only DCUO is sateing my need for things nerdy, lol.

Has anything started up?

I'm moving out to Daegu later this month and would be interested in doing some roleplaying. I've been running a Burning Wheel campaign in Boston and ran a few campaigns in Seoul a few years back.

I'm in for pretty much anything - playing or GMing. I'm a big Burning Wheel fan, and I'm also into FreeMarket, but I'm open to other systems.

Let me know.

I might actually try and organize a group at C.Carroll or Walker to play at the CAC on Fri or Sat evenings, games that can easily be moved to a house or common area after the CAC shuts down for the night. Input here would be appreciated.
That sounds reasonable to me. Both camps are about 30 minutes away from my place by car, though my car won't be arriving until mid-October. How many people are interested in playing? Do we have our hearts set on Pathfinder, or are other systems an option?

D&D4e, star wars, shodowrun; anything really. Just gotta score at least two more players, and i have 1 friend who would probably join.
Are you planning to GM? Why the need for at least 2 more players? 

I think 3 people is okay -- it's more attractive to others if it is something that is already happening that they can join. A small group is more likely to attract more people than no group at all.

If you want to wait until we get more people, would you be willing to play something else in the meantime? I could run Burning Wheel or FreeMarket with 2 people (assuming your friend is willing to join). Or another system, if you guys prefer.

I know this is a necro post, but I was wondering if you guys are still looking for a few players for your group or if it got off the ground? My wife and I just moved to Daegu and are desperately looking for a solid table-top group to play with.
So far, nothing really has gotten going. Communication dropped off after my last post. I'd still be in for some gaming, though. Do you have a preference for systems/genres?

Also, I'm located in Dalseo-gu, pretty far to the west. What part of the city are you staying in?
We're just outside of Camp Henry in Nam-gu. I'm highly interested in playing Burning Wheel, I played a short-lived Mouse Guard campaign which I've heard is BW-lite, I also wouldn't mind playing 4E or Pathfinder or Dragon Age. As for things I'd be willing to run, I'd prefer the Dragon Age RPG published by Green Ronin, Deadlands Reloaded (the Savage Worlds ruleset), or Pathfinder.

*edit* I'd also be down to check out Freemarket, though I have VERY limited knowledge of it.
That location is not bad -- it's like 30 min by car, 45 by subway. If we could find a good place to play in between, that would be 20-30 min each. Not bad at all. Yeah, I think Mouse Guard is stripped down Burning Wheel - I've never had a chance to play, but I've heard about the rules from my old BW group. Anyway, I would be all for running a Burning Wheel game. I'm a big fan of the beliefs and instincts systems. Freemarket is also a lot of fun, and I would be cool with running something with that, too. I've got two very young daughters at home and finding time to plan can be tough, so I'd also be happy playing. Of the games you mentioned, Dragon Age looks most interesting to me, though I would also be happy with Deadlands Reloaded or Pathfinder.

 Are you more in favor of playing or running a game? What kind of feel do you like in your games?
I would love to play a BW game. I've wanted to try it and really like the way Luke Crane set up the rules. I'm a much bigger fan of in-depth roleplay and story progression than I am the hack and slash stuff that D&D has become. Now, having said that, I know what it's like to run a game and not have a chance to play, so I propose that we work something out like alternating weeks. You could run a BW game one week and I could run a Dragon Age game the next. Gives us both plenty of time to plan and both a chance to play. I know for a fact that my wife wants to play a Dragon Age game, so that would give me two players starting out and I'm cool with a small starting group. She's not interested in BW, though, so it would just be you and me if you're willing to start like that. As for a location, I don't know much about Daegu, but I'm sure we could find a coffee shop or something in between with enough space. Let me know what you think.
Our playing styles sound like they're a good match and the alternating arrangement sounds good to me. Two players for Dragon Age and one for Burning Wheel will work out well, I think. You're right - we shouldn't have any trouble finding a coffee shop where we can play. I'll do a bit of scouting when I get the chance. There is one hitch - I am leaving tomorrow to go to Turkey to visit my brother for a few weeks. He's got a job and a girlfriend there and he wants me to come see his life, as he puts it. Anyway, I will be back in Seoul around the 15th, but we'll probably stay with my in-laws for a week before coming back to Daegu. So I'll be MIA until the end of January. Sorry about that.

That said, I would be happy to discuss game and character concepts so that when I get back, we'll have a good idea what we'll be doing. Is that cool with you? 

That sounds great! Shoot me an email at david.j.pate at gmail dot com and let me know what you have in mind for BW and I'll do the same for the Dragon Age game. Also, let me know which version of BW you're wanting to run, I'm looking for an excuse to pckup the new BW Gold rules.
Sorry to necropost on this thread, but I just wanted to let any lurkers know that there's a lot of gaming going on in Deagu these days. There are regular games of Pathfinder, Burning Wheel, and Deadlands going on at least through the first half of 2013.

Also, if any MtG players are out there, I would be up for a game or two every now and again.  
Howdy, I've been in Daegu for a few months and I'm starved for games. I only know 3.5, not 4th ed., though. Are there any 3.5 games going on? Is there a spot where RPers typically meet up? Is anyone looking to join a 3.5 game if I run one?

Also, where in Daegu can I buy dice?

Hey Connor,

Are you on Facebook? There's two group pages you should check out for gaming in Daegu/Korea:

Daegu Gaming: www.facebook.com/groups/159396587492081/
Korea Gaming: www.facebook.com/groups/tabletopkorea/

There's no 3.5 D&D going on that I know about, but there is a Pathfinder group in Deagu (very similar to 3.5). There are also a bunch of other games -- rumors of Call of the Cthulu in the future -- currently Paranoia, Burning Wheel, and Deadlands.

No place to buy anything other than 6-siders in Daegu, though, unfortunately. They can be ordered online at www.bookndice.co.kr/

Hope to hear from you!

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