Dungeon 186 - The Sunken Tower of the Marsh Mystic

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DDIDungeon 186
Sunken Tower of the March Mystic
An Adventure for Characters of Levels 3-5
by Ray Franklin

Somewhere in the Great Swamp lies a crumbling tower, overgrown with creepers and slowly settling into the muck. People keep away from the tower, despite the rumors that it might be just the tip of an entire submerged city.


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Saludos Adriano
i am linking to this thread as the official discussion thread.

@adrianovaroli:  thank you for creating this thread.
I liked the mixing of the cavern water tiles with the arcane tower ones. Not sure there is a token for the Mud Lasher but the rest of the article appears to be usable with previous dungeon tile sets and the Monster Vault.
I liked it, expected something bigger but, nice Delve with expansion ideas. Also awesome artwork maps tiled. Cool solid encounters, It will see uses.  The last ride is hard to stop and start pretty steep more than one PC may have to prepare to get wet if they want their kill....Tongue out

Chapeau et merci,   (thanks, hat raising)
Mr Franklin, Maniak & Engle

This is Delve, 3 encounters. How can they call it an "Adventure"? They should warn people or put a flag on short articles like this.
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