1/20/2011 TD: "Inkmoth Nexus"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Top Decks article, which goes live Thursday morning on magicthegathering.com.

I've been playing around with an artifact based infect deck that takes advantage of Tempered Steel in block.  It is pretty weak right now but this land helps (especially if the deck stays mono-white) as does Plague Myr.
Absolutely excellent.
Unfortunate name.  I predict a lot of this:

"So I attacked with my Inkmoth Nexus..."
"Your... your which Nexus?"
"My EEEEEENKKK-moth Nexus... "
Isn't it a crucial part of BLinkmoth's advantage that it can tap to boost itself when blocking?

Inkmoth Nexus has nice interaction with proliferate, but will it really be worth compromising your mana base? Of course, the cheap activation cost and flying makes it relevant for carrying equipment too.
wot no mythic?


I agree with Mike's snap judgment though. More of that please.
Another card to put in my proliferate deck.
The graphic of Mishra's Factory going :o is fantastic
Is no one else realizing just how nasty this card is?!?

Infect's biggest problem so far has been what do you do when they use all their removal and you can't top deck another creature. This solves it. Unless you are running into flashed-in DoJ's, this thing either eats removal or kills them really really fast.

I think Mono-Black Poison Control with Skittles, Vatmothers, Phyrexian Crusaders, Nexuses, and some good ol' black discard/kill spells could be viable.

We'll see.

I've been hoping to see an infect-and-proliferate strategy become viable, relying on a few early weenies to get early poison counters and proliferating to win, and I'll bet this would be a big part of it. Turn one this, turn two attack with it, and from turn three on, sit back behind counterspells and bounce and twiddle effects and wait for proliferation to work. I rarely play control and I'd loathe playing against it, but it just plain sounds like a cool idea, the kind of thing that should work but doesn't yet.
Excellent constructed card, which I won't play at all.  Nothing wrong with that, as there will be a lot of people wanting this card.  I'll let them take these, and I'll happily take some of the odder cards in the set. 

I also think that Flores hit it on the head with how this card will get used.  It is an excellent card, but even narrower than the old version.

-MT Head
The biggest thing infect is missing is PW control. Maybe in standard w/ V Hexmage (although I think vamps is a better deck in standard esp with the new one).

That leaves infect in Block Constructed which is completely domninated by a lack of ability to handle PW. You don't have a way to stop Venser from comming down, and you either have to waste a huge swing to get rid of him, giving him tempo, or you have to try to race which is normally not effective due to the control elements like Tumble Magnet or the pending Sunblast Angel.
I love this card, the fact that you can get in some early poisons on an opponenet in the first few turns and use it to play even bigger and badder Infect guys latter makes this card an excellent addition.  This card can even outrun a Demolish and Tectonic Edge to get atleast 2 poisons in.  Outside of green artifact destruction or bouncing there won't be much to do against this card early on.