The Earth Trembles: Cleric/lifeblood Warden Earthshaker

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The goal of this build is to build a relatively tough frontline leader/defender that has a fairly high accuracy.  I have not seen that many lifeblood warden builds and this one loses out on font of life, some toughness, and multimarking by hybridding cleric, but gets substantially more healing and other leaderish ablilities in exchange along with some good cleric powers that help his accuracy.  Deity does not matter, but an earth or nature one would fit well.

For accuracy he has starting 18 str/wisdom, uses a +3 weapon, has expertise (+1/2/3), +1 attacks vs fortitude from his paragon path (all of his powers are weapon powers), by level 13 all encounter powers target fortitude (weight of the mountain does so as a secondary attack), both at wills target fortitude by level 16 (one always does, the other is a paragon path feature) and most of his daily powers target fortitude; he gets CA vs slowed/immobilized enemies and can slow at will and with OAs, uses a lightning weapon and has a good number of thunder powers including an at will and several others for another +1 to hit with oncoming storm, and he has MC avenger for double rolls against one target/encounter.  At 24 he gets another +1 to hit from his ED.  So at level 30 he is +38 vs fort with two rolls against one target for two rounds, +39 if using a thunder power after hitting with a lightning one, another +2 if the target is slowed or immobilized.  So +41 vs fort for storm hammer if he hit with weight of the earth the previous round. 

I checked the compendium and the level 30 soldiers/brutes have a fortitude in the range of 42-46, with some solos hitting 48.  Other roles tend to be at the 38-44 range for fort at that level.  There are a handful of enemies (almost always brutes or early solos) with an equal or slightly higher (usually 0-2) fort than AC, but those are a small minority of creatures overall.   Standard charop math assumes level +12 for NADs.

I included several party friendly burst/blast thunder encounter powers as well that increase in size with resounding thunder, but for the most part he should be best at lockicg down one target and focusing on  it.  At the same time he is putting out two encounter ally heals (by using second wind and healing word) starting at level 1 and gets more later on through powers and feats, grants saves, has several damage resistance/temp hit point generating powers for allies, decent ally movement enabling, and has fairly good defenses with starting ac of 19 and a racial regeneration power. 

If you added the gladiator theme he could retrain Sudden Roots for Keep Them Close in epic, which automatically slows marked enemies, thus giving him automatic CA against his marked enemy in epic and lets him trade out weight of the earth probably for resilience of life or thorn strike or possibly tempest assault if you went with another thunder power.  I only put basic equipment on him so far, but would probably use the other slots on defensive items and might boost his healing some.  He needs a lightning weapon, but could get away without one especially in epic, if he went with both tempest assault and storm hammer.

====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ======

Naturesthunder, level 30
Longtooth Shifter, Cleric|Warden, Earth Shaker, Destined Scion
Hybrid Warden: Hybrid Warden Will
Hybrid Talent: Warden's Armored Might
Guardian Might: Lifespirit
Background: Impiltur (Impiltur Benefit)

Str 28, Con 15, Dex 13, Int 12, Wis 28, Cha 10.

Str 16, Con 13, Dex 11, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 8.

AC: 47 Fort: 45 Reflex: 37 Will: 45
HP: 216 Surges: 10 Surge Value: 54

Athletics +31, Heal +29, Perception +29, Religion +21

Acrobatics +16, Arcana +16, Bluff +15, Diplomacy +15, Dungeoneering +23, Endurance +25, History +16, Insight +23, Intimidate +15, Nature +23, Stealth +16, Streetwise +15, Thievery +16

Level 1: Hybrid Talent
Level 2: Heavy Blade Expertise
Level 4: Sudden Roots
Level 6: Vicious Advantage
Level 8: Disciple of Divine Wrath
Level 10: Improved Defenses
Level 11: Oncoming Storm
Level 12: Weapon Proficiency (Bastard sword)
Level 14: Resounding Thunder
Level 16: Gambler's Word
Level 18: Mark of Healing
Level 20: Toughness (retrained to Armor Specialization (Hide) at Level 21)
Level 21: Primal Resurgence
Level 22: Divine Mastery
Level 24: Mighty Enmity
Level 26: Supreme Healer
Level 28: Battle Healer
Level 30: Enmity Shared


Hybrid at-will 1: Weight of Earth
Hybrid at-will 1: Storm Hammer
Hybrid encounter 1: Warden's Sacrifice
Hybrid daily 1: Form of Winter's Herald
Hybrid utility 2: Triumphant Vigor
Hybrid encounter 3: Granite Shield
Hybrid daily 5: Divine Castigation
Hybrid utility 6: Stream of Life
Hybrid encounter 7: Sheltering Storm (retrained to Blessing of Dust at level 11)
Hybrid daily 9: Form of the Vengeful Storm
Hybrid utility 10: Word of Vigor
Hybrid encounter 13: Rumbling Doom (replaces Warden's Sacrifice)
Hybrid daily 15: Form of the Avalanche Unleashed (retrained to Ivory Rampart at Level 20) (replaces Form of Winter's Herald)
Hybrid utility 16: Cleansing Earth
Hybrid encounter 17: Winds of Fury (replaces Granite Shield)
Hybrid daily 19: Thundering Bolts (replaces Divine Castigation)
Hybrid utility 22: Mass Cure Serious Wounds
Hybrid encounter 23: Earthen Chains (replaces Blessing of Dust)
Hybrid daily 25: Righteous Might (replaces Ivory Rampart)
Hybrid encounter 27: Weight of the Mountain (replaces Rumbling Doom)
Hybrid daily 29: Form of the Grim Harvester (replaces Form of the Vengeful Storm) 

Lightning Bastard sword +6, Nightmare Hide Armor of Dark Deeds +6, Cloak of Survival +6, Heavy Shield

====== Copy to Clipboard and Press the Import Button on the Summary Tab ======

I'm going to assume you're using a heavy shield and it just isn't in the CB layout. ^.^ That said, you desperately need an item bonus to Ref and Epic Reflexes (which would bring it up +9 from where it is, +2 from shield, +3 from item, +4 from feat).

Though it would limit power selection on the Cleric side, I prefer a Dwarf for this. Your AC stays the same at Paragon+ since you qualify for Hide Spec and then Second Skin, you lose 1 point of wis mod, but you gain SW as a minor, better feat selection, a healing surge and lose no HP because you can take Auspicious Birth/BUaBS instead of Impultur. Both of which are LFR legal.

Given the mark limitations of hybrid Warden, taking some of the powers that Mark on a hit is a good idea. Healing Strike (Cleric E 1) is very good for this and I would probably work that in.
I thought about using a dwarf.  I could keep the same power selection and just be down a +1 to hit on the wisdom powers, but they would still be fairly accurate since they get all the other paragon path and feat accuracy bonuses. and I could get the benefits of second wind more often.  For heroic I might switch out for some strength based powers for heroic like righteous brand and then retrain in paragon.  Maybe switch out bastard sword proficiency for dwarven durability, but right now there are not too many slots preepic that are free for racial feats.

You are right I left out the heavy shield, so I will fix the numbers for that. 
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