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i've been toying with the idea of having certain pieces of Ancient Junk give bonuses, such as cologne giving +2 to interaction checks (4-5 uses), or a physicians coat give +1 to Science checks for stabilizing. i was just curious to see what yall thought.
Wow, haha took the word right out of my mouth, thats a cool chart, seems like it could get a bit crazy if a 6 was roll when you were doing a skill challenge in Combat haha. Im not to sure about applying that to everthing though.

honestly, it just make the ancient junk more interesting other than as trade items, i got a bottle of Wine that give me +2 to interaction checks(3 uses). Also, im not sure if a Physician's coat would explode.

is he using the on a 6 roll again for a chance to get the 7?

It references the condition given by the Junkulator, one of which is "radioactive."  It gives +1, meaning it's the only way to get "all of the above."
oh yeah, as soon as i looked at that i forgot about it. have had any radioactive junk yet haha.
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