vampire 2011 legal deck help

Vampire Deck
Swamp x20
Child of the Night x4
Vampire Nighthawk x4
Pulse Tracker x4
Diabolical Tutor x3
Ruthless Cullblade x3
Barony Vampire x2
Rise from the Grave x2
Doom Blade x2
Unholy Strength x2
Anowon, the Ruin Sage x2
Grasp of Darkness x2
Stabing Pain x2
Guul Draz Vampire x2 (I know I need more)
Quag Sickness x1
Corrupt x1
Blood Seeker x1 (I know I need more)
Captivating Vampire x1
Guul Draz Assassian x1
Lilanna Vess x1
Side Deck
Doom Blade x2
Unholy Strength x2
Vampire Hexmage x1

Okay, I've only been playing for about a month and this is the deck that I constructed using the Vamparism premade deck. I have played one tornament but I haven't used this deck in particular there. Any feed back would be nice and help out a lot. I'm willing to add cards and not take out some but the highest deck I am willing to play is a 65 card deck.
I forgot to mention, I'm going to be taking the Ruthless Cullbladess out once I get another Blood Seeker and two more Guul Draz Vampires.
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