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Sorry for all the recent posts. I've just had a lot of questions coming up as I play.

Basically I'm wondering how to calculate encumbrance for large sized creatures in Gamma World. Anyone remember how it was done in 4e? 10 pounds/pt of strength times 1.25 or something? I like most of the mounts in the second Gamma World book, but with 11 Strength it seems like the Jackalope isn't strong enough to bear a rider. I'd appreciat any thoughts. Thanks.
Your math looks correct; a hopper should only be able to carry 137 lbs and move normally, or 275 lbs and be slowed, according to the formulas used for horses in 4e D&D.

Any GM is free to change this (or tweak the hopper's stats) for her campaign, of course. Or just handwave it and not dwell on it a lot.

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From the D&D Rules Q&A forum FAQ (if desired):
'Is a mount slowed when carrying a heavy character (or two light ones)? Strictly according to the encumbrance rules, yes. However, this appears to  possibly be an oversight (especially in the case of say, huge mounts).  If  desired, PHB p.222 says: "The amount you carry should rarely be  an  issue, and you  don’t need to calculate the weight your character is hauling around unless it’s likely to matter.", and DMG p.105 says: "Niggling details of food supplies and encumbrance usually aren’t fun, so don’t sweat them". Discussed here.'
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