Haste Wins

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After seeing the recent RDW decks that did so well in extended, I tried my hand at my own version. I can't think of any better targets than what red has to offer for a bloodbraid, so here's my "haste wins"

Extended rdw (haste wins)

4x Goblin guide
4x Boggart ram gang
4x Bloodbraid elf
4x Hellspark elemental
4x Tattermunge maniac
4x Hellsthunder
2x Ball lightning

4x Lightning bolt
4x Searing blaze
2x Burst lightning or flame javelin

2x raging ravine
4x rootbound crag
6x fetch lands
2x copperline gorge
10x mountain

24 lands

Thoughts? Sideboard is typical RDW fodder, but a bit of green is available.