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Hello all you D&Ders out there in Boise.
I have just moved to town and i am looking for a game to DM or play.
i have a fair amount of DMing experience and i would love to run a game.
also i would love to play in a game for a change
send me a PM or just reply to the post 

Check by...

All About Games
at Cole and Overland in Boise (does at least Encounters) or Phoenix Fire Games in Meridian on Fairview(Has a few groups going, usually on Mondays)

My brother lives there.  I can see if he knows anyone who is still playing DnD.  (He switched to table-top wargames).
I am looking for D&D Next Players here in Boise. I can DM or play.
I have a regular D&D Next Group that meets at All About Games on Sunday afternoons.
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