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Some Alpha cards just say "Benefit" with no roll, or indication of it's an encounter or at-will. Are these cards a free action? 

For the card "Shadow Person" (89/120) it says:

BENEFIT- You appear as generic Medium-sized humanoid. Other creatures see you as a member of their own race. You gain a +5 power bonus to Interaction to lie or bluff.

So how do I handle this? 
Page 57 of the GW rulebook:

3. Using Readied Cards: You gain any benefit described on each of your Alpha Mutation cards until the card is discarded. Many Alpha Mutation cards also have powers. You can use each card's power once during an encounter while that card is readied. When you do so, tap the card (turn it sideways) or otherwise indicate that you have used the power.

So it's a benefit that exists for as long as you have the card. For example, think about if you mutated and grew a third arm. It would always be there, so you'd get some ever-present benefit from it. That's what the "Benefit" entry on some Alpha Mutation cards represents.
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