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I've been playing D&D since 1978, but have only played in two LFR adventures. I'm plannign a trip to a con where LFR will be played, and I want to make sure all my paperwork and such is in order. The RPGA LFR web page refers to an "adventure log and advancement tracker," which I cannot actually find on the downloads page. Do I in fact need this log/tracker, and where can I find it?
In the past, a log sheet was included as part of the Character Creation Guide. You don't need to use any particular log sheet, but you should have some sort of documentation for your character which includes:
- name of adventure played
- XP gained in adventure, and running XP total
- Net GP gained in adventure, and running GP total
- Story awards gained
- Found magic items gained
- Any other notes which may help you (such as items purchased or sold)
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There's a version of the tracker at the back of the 2.0 Campaign Guide, downloadable here: docs.google.com/fileview?id=0B0udZ9uR7T4...

There's a lot more information about LFR in the Community Group, here: community.wizards.com/lfr 

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