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The results from the Indiana PTQ are up, while I went 3:2 and dropped after round 5, here's the list of people who braved all 8 rounds and made it to top 8. Expect these decks to show up in large numbers:

Indiana PTQ

1st - RDW
2nd - 4CC
3rd - Extended Hideaway/Summoning Trap (similar to the Worlds Extended List)
4th - Jund (wha?)
5th - Faeries
6th - Mythic Conscription
7th - Bant Hideaway (featuring Jace, the Mind Sculptor)
8th - Naya Zoo (looks like a budget list, no Knight of the Reliquary and few money cards)

So, yeah... it looks like there are are some solid options cheap or expensive.

* There were very few players who were playing Tempered Steel.
* Naya was there in force (it is the more consistent of the cheap decks you could play in the format).
* Mythic, Fae, and 5CC were all well represented as well.
* There were a few RDW players, one was playing BONE SAW and Mox Opal... The deck was good against control and the guy went 4:2 before dropping.
* There were a few different takes on Scapeshift decks. I was playing a Polymorph/Scapeshift hybrid, there were Scapeshift control lists in :U::R::G: wedge and Bant Shard. The wedge control list was played by current IL state champion Lee Cote and he went at least 5:1 with it. Wargate is not important for the deck, that is the lesson of the day.
* There was at least one person playing Dredgevine.
* There was a team of people playing Runeflair Trap/Molten Psyche decks.
* Surprisingly, there were very few people playing Pyromancer's Ascension or Time Sieve. The combo deck of the day truly was Scapeshift.

Now, after sharing all this with you guys, know that the format will look drastically different in one month, so soak all this knowledge in and get busy over the next few weekends.
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