Character Pamphlets

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I was bored. These were inspired by a comment by ExcalibursZone regarding the other sheet I made, and by Oraibi's 'extensible' sheets.


A: Character Info (such as name and origins), Ability Scores, and Combat Stats
B: Basic Attacks
C: Novice Powers
D: Utility Powers
E: Expert Powers
F: Vocations
G: Equipment and a trait list
H, I, and J: Double-sided Feature, Alpha Mutation, and Omega Tech sheets (respectively). Print as many as you need for your character.

Print pages 1 and 2 on opposite sides of the same piece of cardstock. Trim the edges and fold into thirds, with C and E on the inside, and with A as the 'cover'. The back and the center panel on the inside will both be blank.

Print pages 3 and 4 on opposite sides of the same piece of cardstock. Trim the edges, cutting off the far right third, and fold it in half. It should look like a tall gift card. D should be the cover of this, with F and G on the inside. The very back should also be blank. Glue the very back of this piece to the inside center panel of the trifolded piece.

Print pages 5 and 6 on opposite sides of the same piece of cardstock. Cut out each of the individual columns. You should be left with one double-sided page for each of Feature, Alpha Mutations, and Omega Tech. Do this as many times as you like.

Alternatively, if you use the AM and OT cards (I don't, personally; I have players roll for them and write the stats down), don't print pages 5 and 6, but rather page 7 twice on opposite sides of the same piece of cardstock. Printing it once in this way will give you three pages of features, which will be more than enough for one character.


(Ignore those last seven pages; they're all blank, and I tried to remove them, but OO decided it wanted to be difficult about it. T_T) - 4e D&D house rules, homebrew, and story hours - now featuring ENWorld's Zeitgeist adventure path! Will Thibault is a winged, feathered serpent rarely found anywhere except in warm, jungle-like regions or flying through the ether. Due to his intelligence and powers he is regarded with awe by the inhabitants of his homelands and is considered to be divine.