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I am looking for a small casual gaming group for Magic: the Gathering in Townsville, AU.

I have just gotten back into playing from an extended hiatus and would like to find a group that plays weekly for 4-6 player formats.

Any points into a specific direction would be much appreciated as well.

G'day, I'm the one you are looking for as I'm a hard keen magic player for 13 years here in Townsville. The place to go is called Realms of Magic and Minitures in Aitkenvale (opposite Stockland Plaza behind Masala) where we sanction 2 tournaments a week on both Wednesday and Friday nights. PM me if you would like more details as I'd love to catch up with you for games.
hi i know this post is heeps old but im looking to get back into MTG seeming WoW TCG has fallen appart at gametraders. (lack of interest) just wanted to know to know if it still goes on?
Hi Valtorix - yes, the guys and girls still play at Realms. Also join the Facebook group at www.facebook.com/groups/mtgnq/ which will provide you some information regarding that night's format and card trading.
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